The Blue Lightning

The Blue Lightning

Harry Wingate, a rugged adventurer, is hired by a gem collector to retrieve a priceless opal, known as "The Blue Lightning," from Lester McInally, a super-criminal with an army of killers operating in the Australian outback.

A private eye (Sam Elliott) battles a criminal (Robert Culp) in the Australian outback for the possession of a priceless opal in this all-out action flick. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh H (kr) wrote: A glorious framework bursting with fascinating ideas, torn away by flat acting and boring direction. All data, no soul.

Nate S (it) wrote: this movie is the definition of dumb fun

Josh J (br) wrote: Shah's performance is really good, but the rest of the cast lags behind. Looks and feels like a made for TV event at times and the dramatic feel made me struggle to make it to the end of this one.

Amy H (us) wrote: This movie had a good preview but the story was not the same! Doesn't live up to the excitement and gore and it gets quite boring. Except I like the ending.

Lisa D (de) wrote: It really lacked some depth, it wasn't as sad as I expected it be because I have read the original.

WS W (de) wrote: Apparently it wanted to play funny + different. Roughly hilarious it was, there was time going too far at the same time.

Brandon O (ca) wrote: /10Acting - 6Writing - 6Dialogue - 7.5Plot & Characterization - 9Cinematography & Editing - 8Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 8How much I enjoyed it personally - 8

Aj V (ag) wrote: Another predictable romance movie with cute Mark Harmon, it's enjoyable, but forgettable.

Ilja S (au) wrote: Let's keep the nostalgia aside and admit it: this barely counts as a Star Trek movie. No one expcept for the hardest Trekkie can take this movie serious. It may be educational, but that doesn't mean it is fitting for a Star Trek movie. The only redeeming factor are the (somewhat humorous) scenes between the crew members, but it doesn't help much. Sorry Mr. Spock, you failed this movie.

Yusuke S (br) wrote: Is this from Germany? This was quite disgusting especially in the scene that cows + pigs are killed by a machine, and couldn't bear its quietness over approx 90 minutes.

Steven W (br) wrote: Hated this movie when I was a kid and still think it's trash as an adult

Alehee N (au) wrote: Good animation, score, and voice acting!