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While digging Blue Sky Maiden's echt-fifties Japan (look for the Sun Tribe-following big brother, and the nightclub singer's hand-print frock), we experience what James Quandt meant when he said, "Even at its most berserk and genre-bound, Masumura's cinema is semiotically rich and sophisticated. But Yuko meets it all with aplomb; she's interested in one thing only, finding her real, cast off mother. Journeying to Tokyo she finds Father's Western-style house to be a nest of vipers straight out of There's Always Tomorrow, replete with Terrible Children, a housekeeper who sees all, and a dog named Cal with his own doghouse. In Blue Sky Maiden, Ayako Wakao plays good-natured Yuko, the illegitimate daughter of a well-off executive, raised in the country by relatives. Early Masumura is contemporary with late Douglas Sirk -- both harnessed garish fifties modernism for a scathing, full-color portrait of ambition in the new middle class

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Antonio M (kr)

best movie i ever saw

Brian B (fr)

This time he tries to drag Clive Barker into it. As always, Mick Garris tries to ruin Stephen King's career

James M (jp)

Great movie to watch if you like the combination of actors

Jody S (us)

Awesome little ghostly fairy tale, a nice breath of fresh air from the typical modern horror slasher type of film

Joseph P (ag)

Betty Buckley , Amanda Peet , Anthony Ruivivar sans oublier le ralisateur du film Mark Tarlov :) Bravo. Je tiens saluer ces acteurs arah Michelle Gellar, Sean Patrick Flanery, Patricia Clarkson, Dylan Baker, Christopher Durang , Lawrence Gilliard Jr

Laurie B (it)

highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the classics -- and doesn't mind the sound of Hayley Mills singing!. The songs are terribly cheesy, but so catchy. Recently I took a trip to Disneyland with my husband and was ecstatic when I heard Beautiful Beulah playing near Snow White's wishing well. I watch it at least once a month with my mom and we constantly sing the songs. I was overjoyed when I was able to find it at my local video store. But this is what makes it a family favorite. Are the songs cornier than a hot summer day in Kansas? You know it. Is the CGI terrible? Definitely. Every summer growing up as a kid in the early 90s, my mom and I would watch this together on Disney and we loved it! Is it cheesy? Oh yeah

Mark M (jp)

Marks buttcrack is showing

Mohammed A (au)

It's good movie to watch

Octavian (es)

WarningOppression of women

Peter S (ag)

Great Michael Caine -as always- and lots of great soviet cars!