The Boat Race

The Boat Race

Alex, 15, lives alone with his dad, enduring relentless physical violence, rebelling against everyone. To escape from this daily life, Alex rows on the Meuse river, and has only one obsession: to win the Belgian Singles Championships at any cost. Sergi, his coach, and Muriel, the young girl he's in love with, will enable Alex to rediscover the human values he has lost. A long and tough learning curve...

Alex, 15, lives alone with his dad, enduring relentless physical violence, rebelling against everyone. To escape from this daily life, Alex rows on the Meuse river, and has only one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deadly V (ru) wrote: Too much ingredients spoiled the soup !!

Jenn T (es) wrote: Low budget female version of the Bourne Identity, without the amnesia of course.

Joan B (de) wrote: 80's classic. Goofy as hell and funny as hell too.

Eric B (fr) wrote: If you scanned a plot summary beforehand, you probably could enjoy "Senso" just as much without subtitles. The story is simple, the dialogue is merely functional and visual imagery is easily the film's chief lure.Ever a lover of period pageantry, director Luchino Visconti takes us back to Venice in 1866. Italy is on the verge of liberating itself from Austrian rule, but this doesn't really matter. For movie purposes, all we need to know is that married countess Livia (Alida Valli) and Austrian officer Franz (Farley Granger, dubbed in Italian) are irresistibly drawn to each other, despite their opposing social class and political background. Except Franz isn't all that he pretends to be, and Livia is a fool. Livia also wishes to help a rebel cousin (Massimo Girotti) who has been banished by the Austrian regime, but his subplot -- apparently not found in the original novella -- is poorly resolved.Neither of the romantic leads are appealing: Valli has a hard face and a melodramatic acting style, while Granger is effete and weaselly. He also wears hoisted-up military pants that give him such an atomic wedgie that I tittered whenever his back was to the camera."Senso" opens with a striking sequence at an opera performance (Verdi's "Il Trovatore"), but the remaining music (borrowed from Anton Bruckner) is rather mushy. What the film does have is exquisite costumes, locations and colors. Picture rotting stone and verdigris-stained copper -- the film sticks closely to this spectrum, creating a rustic climate of faded splendor. Spacious, deep-focus shots are everywhere, and every inch of the frame is carefully decorated and choreographed. The battle scenes are well-staged, and include some memorable use of haystacks.However, there's no getting past the lovers' charmlessness. With "The Leopard," Visconti was more successful in finding an interesting cast and story to fit his baroque flourishes.

Richard L (it) wrote: A humanistic interpretation of the Biblical story. Instead of letting miracles be miracles, the film tried to use clever explanations to show how those miracles could possibly happen (and omit those miracles that could not be explained at all, like turning Moses' staff into a snake). The result was that they look artificial and unconvincing. The film also added plot lines that tried to show Moses' struggles, but in the end those additional plot lines appeared forced and artificial and didn't add anything valuable to the narrative. Using a boy to represent God (or as a spokesperson)? That's just creepy.Visually the film was quite good (hence the 1 1/2 star rating), but everything else fell flat.

Sharon A (kr) wrote: Diffrent to what I expected. Enjoyable, and gives you a sense of what it was like for the young men who were on the track/trail.