The Bong Connection

The Bong Connection

The film is based on the lives of Bengali's across the world, especially on those settled abroad. It attempts to delineate the pain and dilemma of Bengali's estranged from their places of origin. It seeks to explore sensitive souls singing to the tunes of Tagore.

The film is based on the lives of Bengali's across the world, especially on those settled abroad. It attempts to delineate the pain and dilemma of Bengali's estranged from their places of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Tony H (us) wrote: Wow. Great performance! Well done very thoughtfully put together. Going to buy this one. A MUST see! Rotten tomatoes got this one wrong!

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Pavan R (gb) wrote: A well made movie which keeps good pace and has good twists all through..well enacted and directed....could've easily done without the masala numbers I guess but then it would be a classic Indian movie...good watch overall

Marta R (au) wrote: Besides moving very slowly, I don't know how believable this is.... you're 24, with 2 young children, loving husband... and you are capable of being sick, still working, and remaining unemotional (and silent) that you will be dying in 2 months?......

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