The Booby Hatch

The Booby Hatch

The creators of the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD bring you THE BOOBY HATCH, a zany comedy full of schlocky humor, nudity and sex! Sweet and innocent Cherry Jankowski (Sharon Joy Miller) is a product tester for Joyful Novelties, Inc., a manufacturer of erotic sex toys. She goes day-to-day, trying to find self-fulfillment in a crazy, erotic, sex-filled world. One of her friends at work, Marcello Fettucini (Rudy Ricci), is at risk of losing his job because he’s having trouble getting an erection. If he can’t get aroused, he can’t test out the new products! Can Marcello and Cherry work out their problems and live happy, or will they continue to just “lay down on the job”? Written and co-directed by NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror novelist John Russo, THE BOOBY HATCH satirizes the unbelievable sexual attitudes of the 1970s.

A scientific genius invents equipment that tests the erotic levels of people. He sets out to find subjects for his experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (nl) wrote: Low-key but gripping drama, with a charismatic cast that includes the excellent Natalia Oreira (Mueca Brava) and Elena Roger. Wonderfully bleak Patagonian landscapes enhance the sense of impending dread.

Palina P (nl) wrote: Charming and entertaining.

Beatri C (jp) wrote: Disturbingly adorable, adorably disturbing. Crazy. Loved it

Eric B (us) wrote: Luchino Visconti's "Rocco and His Brothers" is classified as neo-realism but, given a director known for opulent period epics like "The Leopard" and "Senso," the film is much more cinematic than gritty works like "Open City" and "The Bicycle Thief." It also features actors with movie-star glamour rather than amateurs who just seem plucked off the street."Rocco" lasts almost three hours, but its central theme is simple: a family losing its innocence. The Parondi clan -- a mother plus sons Simone (Renato Salvatori), Rocco (Alain Delon), Ciro and Luca -- leaves a rural town in southern Italy and moves to Milan. They reunite with eldest son Vincenzo (Spiros Focas), who is engaged to ravishing Ginetta (a pre-stardom Claudia Cardinale, woefully underused).The families of Vincenzo and Ginetta do not get along, but this is just the start of the Parondis' troubles. They have little money and squeeze themselves into a squalid flat, knowing they soon will be evicted when they can't afford the rent. We learn this is standard procedure for peasants entering the city -- the eviction is actually desirable because it qualifies them for government housing.Once the family moves to a new apartment, the plot focuses on the brothers' struggles to get ahead. The film has explicitly titled sections for each of the brothers but, really, the story is about Rocco and Simone. The two mirror each other. Simone aspires to be a boxer, and falls in love with a charming prostitute named Nadia (Annie Girardot). Rocco follows his lead, both professionally and romantically. Simone broods and loses his way, while the more poetic, innocent Rocco finds ambivalent success. But tragedy lurks around the corner.Visconti's direction is always stately and elegant, even when his settings are obviously decrepit. Content to let his characters carry the action, he's not a filmmaker like Fellini or Bertolucci whose roaming camerawork calls attention to itself. He does borrow Fellini stalwart Nino Rota to compose the score, however. Meanwhile, the young Delon and Girardot are especially affecting in their roles -- it's easy to see why both of them had lengthy careers (even if Delon's romantic turn is miles removed from the icy criminals that were his later signature).Often cited as an influence on "The Godfather" for its operatic depiction of rival brothers, "Rocco and His Brothers" is a landmark saga that should not be missed.

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