The Boogens

The Boogens

Otherworldly creatures inhabit the bootleg tunnels underneath a small town mining community, and they kill any of the townsfolk who invade their home.

The "Boogens" are scaly monsters that look somewhat like giant turtles with lots of sharp, nasty teeth. They are released from an abandoned, boarded-up silver mine in Colorado and proceed to do away with character after character . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Boogens torrent reviews

James P (kr) wrote: This is an awesome story of two young men committed to spread the word of God and having such a strong faith as to die for it. One of the kidnappers is said to have been a Norman himself.

Craig H (au) wrote: What an Anti-White fest.. Good grief did anyone not think the antagonists weren't going to call her an (NWORD) lover?? More predictable anti-white drivel. Seriously i've seen cartoon character that were more believable than the bad guys in this anti-white hate fest.

Vinny D (us) wrote: funny enough.........

Sandee C (ca) wrote: SO glad I didn't pay money to see this piece of garbage. My elementary students tell funnier, wittier jokes. Stupid story, bad acting. Lame, with a captan L. :-(

Raffy John M (ca) wrote: not that scary but the story is genius...

Scott K (de) wrote: Not of it all if it made sense but thats typical for a law movie. But it kept you entertained and was a LOT better than the legal garbage on TV.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Good luck staying awake.

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