The Book Of Esther

The Book Of Esther

When Ester becomes King Xerxes’ queen, her Cousin Mordecai and that despicable Haman engage in a dangerous game of intrigue for control of the young Persian King Xerxes.

Jewish girl Esther is chosen as the new queen consort to King Xerxes of Persia. Will she be able to stop the evil Lord Haman';;s plot to exterminate the Jews? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (ag) wrote: a breathtakingly beautiful yet sad film. if you pay attention carefully it is also a critique of our fascination with entertainment.

Thomas W (au) wrote: A Case of You is a film that would like to pretend that it is fresh, fun, original and relevant; but it is a rom-com about a writer with writer's block who kind-of likes this girl who is a quirky, free-spirited barista with a funny/eccentric name who is still rather chummy with her musician ex because he is "such a great guy!". The writer likes the girl so much he stalks her on Facebook to find all of her favorite things so that he can re-invent himself as her "perfect boyfriend" whom she'll want to date if she's not too busy worshipping him. EVERY bit of this story has been done before - social network stalking, a "fake" persona, a barista (and a QUIRKY one at that!), a writer with writer's block, the musician ex-boyfriend who appears threatening at first glance ... and -- oh this highly original clincher (!) -- the girl likes taking ballroom dance classes which has a "scheduled" dance competition that will -- SPOILER ALERT -- most likely take place within the film's final ten minutes of screen time (!). It sounds like a formulaic sitcom although it is actually bits of various movies from the last few years thrown together to make a "new" one. This movie stars Justin Long (Drag Me to Hell) -- who also co-wrote this thing -- as the dull yet self-centered writer and Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen) as the barista named Birdie who unfortunately and selflessly falls for this guy she honestly believes likes what she likes ... although he apparently detests it all and simply likes that she is pretty and she can talk if he so choses to speak to her. Seriously ... ugh. This is director Kat Coiro's second film of hers that I have seen -- the first being one she also wrote entitled 'And While We Were Here' which is about a selfish, overly-absorbed writer playing games with another person's heart. Rom coms can be tricky but a good one can win me over for life (Hello, Elle Woods!). This one will not, cannot, won't. There is no case here ... it is closed and Birdie needs to fly away.

Jackson C (ag) wrote: The scenes are choppy and at times historically incorrect (such as exaggerating the importance of Sun Yatsen to the revolution). But the movie captures the essence of the 1911 revolution, presenting the truly important meanings behind such a monumental moment in Chinese history. The movie does not settle on presenting the booms and bams of the revolution, but rather from the dialogues, one can learn much about what was truly important. The departure from feudalism marked endless possibilities for a nation that have endured over a century of humiliation. One trivial aspect of the movie to note is the awkwardness of all the scenes involving Western actors as well as the Jackie Chan martial arts scene that has no relevance to the larger theme of the movie.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: i prefer what it aspires to be than the end result. The pacing is all off, it needs to be snappier to have some real energy. Sure it would be nice to see more films be as creative with the production design.

Pia K (it) wrote: nice to see a movie about friendship between two men. great scenery, well paced and touching.

Aaron J (ag) wrote: An instant charmer, and perfect for the family. Wood is absolutely endearing in this sweet and heartfelt Saturday afternoon movie.

Ryan S (br) wrote: This is definitely cheesy, the bats aren't very realistic, but there's still something about it that is actually quite... good. It's a great b-movie and entertaining as hell. The plot makes no sense, but the acting is capable and there are some cool scenes involving the bats. It's a fun movie and as long as you don't took it too seriously, you'll enjoy it.

J K (br) wrote: There is only one Rudolph Christmas movie and it has that Burl Ives snowman wandering around with his banjo and Yukon Cornelius and The Bumble (Bumbles bounce!) and the Island of Misfit Toys, including The Charlie in a Box. NOT this cheap rip off with Whoopi Goldberg. Sorry. This was terrible.

Simon M (jp) wrote: Proof eternal that Soderbergh REALLY just made the Ocean's movies for the money.

Anssi V (ag) wrote: A film that works both as a light-hearted western and as an plot-oriented comedy. As a whole I can say that it's a winning combination. The film never forgets what it is and never tries to pretend that it's something else. It opens on an upbeat note and continues on that note till the very end. Personally, I find that refreshing.The film leans rather heavily on its cast's ability to pull off good comedy, but luckily it got some of the bigger names that are able to do just that. Mel Gibson does a surprisingly good job as the eponymous Bret Maverick. He can be tough and convincing when he needs to be, but he can also do light-hearted comedy. He also has good chemistry with Jodie Foster's Annabelle, who's the other main character in this little romp. Her character doesn't quite hit the right notes all the time, mainly because she's one of those characters you're never quite what she's going to do next, which often makes them annoyingly unpredictable, but she's better than most her kind. James Garner does a great role as Marshal Zane Cooper, as does James Coburn as Commodore Duvall. Both are old western legends, and it's nice to see this movie giving them a respectful nod like that.I unfortunately cannot say that the antagonists of this film were quite as good. Alfred Molina's Angel especially was a bit too... obvious, I think might be the right word. Obviousness might work in a comedy such as this, but I just found him annoying and not all that believable. Still, he and his kind do their jobs and their not offensively bad, so they don't ruin the film.Aside from that the film has a good sense of humour. Most of the jokes stem from the characters and the story, and not from pop culture or lowbrow jokebooks, which is always a good thing. Furthermore, the film looks and sounds great, the action is suitably over the top and the story isn't half bad. I'd definitely give this one a watch if you're looking for a fun action-comedy.

SaraAnn S (ru) wrote: the music is fucking awesome.

Kirk B (ag) wrote: It's ok. Not my favorite.

Steven L (jp) wrote: Nearly 30 years before Wall-E, there was this, a completely surreal, bizarre movie starring Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as robots in love. The theme of free will is well played, but it tries way too hard to be cute, and usually winds up coming up flat. The Catskill robot, a Rodney Dangerfield clone, feels out of place, as does the Crimebuster robot, a not so subtle swipe at the police. I wanted to like this movie a lot more than I did.Weird fun fact: Jerry Garcia, yes THAT Jerry Garcia, is credited as the "voice of Phil"

Marcelo O (es) wrote: The best John Waters/Divine movie, with a lot of weird funny stuff. Waters and the actors were always stoned when they made their trash movies and this one is pratically a stoner movie (just watch stoned and you'll understand). This is na unique film where bad acting actually takes an essential part in the movie's quality.

Edgar C (us) wrote: Sam Peckinpah's story set in the Civil War tells the story of Major Amos Charles Dundee who exceeded his orders while serving in the Battle of Gettysburg and, as punishment, has been taken out of combat and put in charge of a Union prison in New Mexico. Simultaneously, groups of Apaches have been raiding U.S. bases in Texas. Dundee, therefore, proceeds to lead a divisive troop of Army regulars, Confederate prisoners, and scouts on an expedition to destroy the band of Apaches, facing internal and external turmoil in the process.Since Ride the High Country (1962), Sam Peckinpah's scope has grown to be more confident, interestingly more graphically violent, confirming the Western genre to be his area of both expertise and development. The cinematography shows itself as more confident as his directorial capabilities keep evolving, most noticeably in the Director's Cut of the film, which surely shows the motivations of the characters as clear and complimentary to the plot's advancement. Nevertheless, the maximization of the scope came up with a price: Peckinpah's intentions are unclear. Is it a historical account? Most probably not. Accuracy is not a concern here. Social criticism? A commentary on racism? A collective character study on race prejudices? All or some of the above? Or just an action film set in the 19th Century with Mexico's folklore as a stylish excuse?It is true that the film could have been better and is a waste of valuable potential, but given Peckinpah's status in 1965, he couldn't have been better. It was the necessary step upwards to be taken before perfecting his style, his vision, his passion for Mexican shooting locations, the proper character balance and the proper micro and macro conflicts in his Western masterpiece The Wild Bunch (1969). Nevertheless, the film is well accomplished from a technical point of view, with a badass leading performance by Charlton Heston and a decent effort from the ensemble cast. These are the positive aspects if one can look beyond the romantic clichs and the predominantly stereotypical representations of the rural Mexico, which the film presents as generalizations, instead of peculiarities.75/100

Gregory W (ca) wrote: another B movie/drive-in movie where the monster gets mutilated by radioactivity.

Logan M (us) wrote: In an unusual turn for Spike Lee, "Inside Man" is a crafty and engrossing heist film.

monsieur r (nl) wrote: A very young Mel Gibson running around in short, shorts and athletic t-shirts gets hired by a middle aged business spinster who eventually marries Mel even though Mel is incapable of anything but French kissing. He's not quite right in the head, as his folks, wonderfully played much older types, take care of him lovingly. A sister who is jealous of his covorting with this older woman, strikes out after the mother's well acted death. Helping Mel (ie Tim) through the grief of his mother's death, soon helps him through his father's death, who could't get past his wife's passing. "Tim", the movie, is about as far fetched as they get. Although tongues wag in this Australian beach town when Tim and Mary (ie older woman), the father is very supportive of the relationship, almost coming to blows with is his new son in law over it. Whle "Tim" is very much less than good cinematography, in fact it is like a tv movie as it must have been in Austrailia, and this is the big drawback and the reason for only a 70% rating. Truth be known, however, this movie, if you watch it to the end, is a very touching and heartwarming example of love conquering all. Mary (Tim's employer and eventual "lover", if it can be called that) is NOT "using" Tim at all, as most the town suspects. In fact, she shuns Tim's advances. The wedding is rejected by her at first, but comes as advice from a expert she sees on television. She does marry Tim, but you can see their honeymoon is anything but satisfying for her in any sexual way. She seems happy with that however, and the tale is about two handicapped persons, one (Mary) shy and retreating, and Tim who is 24 going on 12. A bizarre and most improbable plot, well acted by poorly filmed. Still, worth watching and that ain't too bad for me.

Chayc (it) wrote: The UK film, Tormented, was a much better take on a similar story.