The Books and the Night

The Books and the Night


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The Books and the Night torrent reviews

Kat W (kr) wrote: This was great! I loved it! :D

Ashley C (kr) wrote: This is the best movie ever..! I saw it like 100 times already..that's how much I love it..!?

Paul P (us) wrote: Another flick which tries to mix humour and more serious drama together but doesn't quite hit the mark. A real shame as this could have been so much more. Fortunately the cast sre superb and the laughs are good and is the drama, it just didn't gel together for me. Walken had the best role and was really good selling the conflict inside him. There is plenty to recommend watching this film, just don't expect a masterpiece....

Gordon B (es) wrote: It's not as good as the book, but I learned more than a thing or two from this breezy 'Stats vs. Beliefs' documentary

Tamatai N (fr) wrote: A fascinating and enlightening collection of interviews with Kurt Cobain during 1992 and 1993. Really greatly enjoyed this film and thought it was fantastic to get to know Kurt in his own words as he recounts stories and details from his life in complete comfort and sincerity. A must-see for all fans and anyone interested in rock music history.

Amanda S (br) wrote: Um... acting blows. GAY

Robyn M (nl) wrote: Pauly Shore is stupid. Honestly i always thought it was an act but, really he's STUPID! This movie is Dumb founded and he somehow won the odds of Getting Tia Carrere to co-star. Full of cheaptricks, slap shot jokes and stolen humor from talented comedians. He's lucky to have his own movie. Playing a trailer trash,uneducated man he and his dog get called for jury duty. in the mean time his room mate is his ex-principal. And purposly disagrees with his fellow jurers to stay alittle while longer at the hotel and make Carrere fall in love with him. everything back fires and Shore ends up the next target in this trial.

Kendall I (mx) wrote: This one was one I always wanted to watch when I was a child, but after seeing it, I realize that it's really nothing special. PLOT:Brian (Fred Savage) is just a little kid. His family just moved into a new house and things aren't going so great. Brian's parents are fighting, mysterious pranks are being pulled with no one knowing, and Brian's little brother is waking up at night claiming there's a monster under is bed. Brian doesn't believe him, so they trade rooms for a night. However, Brian traps Maurice (Howie Mandel), a dim-witted but fun prankster of a monster whom he befriends. Maurice and Brian become great friends and make frequent visits from the human world to the monster world. However, things don't seem right in the monster world with Brian there. It's a good plot executed rather decently. ACTING:The acting in here is pretty good. Fred Savage wasn't spectacular as young Brian, but he got the job done. The best performance in here would have to have been from Howie Mandel as the mischievious Maurice. He really played a good part, though more spontaneous than emotional. The other shiners would be Rick Ducommun as Snik, Daniel Stern as Glen Stevenson, and Frank Whaley as Boy.SCORE:The score wasn't really anything too special. It was pretty uplifting at times with a few good songs laid throughout.EFFECTS:The effects in here are pretty neat. The make-up effects for Maurice and the other monsters were fairly realistic, though cheesy. I liked some of the ways they played around with the visual effects. The effects of the moving clothes were pretty cheesy as well, but interesting. The effects for the end battle were pretty cool to me, however. OTHER CONTENT:This movie was pretty decent. It wasn't anything too special. The effects were something interesting, and Howie Mandel's performance was great, but it can't live on these alone. The movie overall was pretty bland and cheesy, but it had some good moments. I think they could have done a lot more with it. OVERALL,a neutral movie with a good plot, pretty good acting, nothing special score, and neat but cheesy effects, but the movie itself was pretty bland and cheesy with more unexplored possibilities.

Stuart K (br) wrote: before Paul Verhoeven went to Hollywood with big budget films like Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers. He was a very respected Dutch filmmaker, whose speciality were violent films with gratuitous sex in them. And they don't get much gratuitous than his offering from 1980, which is a simple and powerful drama with some moments that'll make your jaw drop!! :O Set in and around Rotterdam, it has three youths, Rein (Hans van Tongeren), Eef (Toon Agterberg) and Hans (Maarten Spanjer), who are amateur dirt-bike racers. They are followers of world champion biker Gerrit Witkamp (Rutger Hauer), and want to follow in his footsteps. Meanwhile, the 3 of them become involved with the gold-digging Fientje (Rene Soutendijk), a gold-digger who shows up in town with her brother Jaap (Peter Tuinman), and they sell chips out of the back of their caravan. The 3 youths are in love with her, but it has horrible consequences on their lives. Verhoeven made some brilliant films in the Netherlands, and this is one of the most extreme, made notorious by 2 explicit gay scenes in a subway!! :O But, it is a very good and very powerful biker drama, a timepiece of lost youth and there is a dark truth to it all.

Mary A (jp) wrote: the traitor was the most loyal ... wow such a change. I love that movie, even though its Great Escape inspiration

Rick M (fr) wrote: A good cop movie for the time period of 1968.

Brody M (us) wrote: It wasnt 1 of Cagneys best but the cast of this movie was alright

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: I was actually shocked at how decent this film was.

Brett H (au) wrote: Based on the true story of the, West Memphis Three, Devil's Knot chronicles the horrifying murder of three young children, and the court case that follows, with the prime suspects being three teenage metal-heads believed to be devil-worshipers. Right off the bat, it must be said that it is a bit funny to see a film where the common beliefs are that people who listen to metal are automatically evil, but the story does take place in 1993 when that was sort-of the consensus, so you can laugh it off quickly. This is a fictionalized account of the crime starring Reese Witherspoon as the mother of one of the victims and Colin Firth as a private investigator determined not to let the accused be sentenced to death with insufficient evidence; no more children need to die. The film is fairly pedestrian in its telling of this horrible tragedy and it unfolds as a completely conventional court-room drama, but the acting is clearly the stand-out and not the storytelling. The real crime is far more fascinating than what the film version has to offer and it's been covered in three, superior documentaries titled: Paradise Lost, which are more worth your time. The film isn't necessarily bad, just kind-of ordinary and apart from the shocking way the young boys were murdered, it's nothing you haven't seen before. If anything, this film will just aggravate you due to the clear ineptitude of the police force who WANTED the culprits to be the "devil worshipers" and the case is still technically open to this day now that the three men have been released from prison under special circumstances.