The Border

The Border

A corrupted border agent decides to clean up his act when an impoverished woman's baby is put up for sale on the black market.

The film follows a border guard who is relative to drug trafficking along the Rio Grande. One day, he gets some serious problem with his wife, his cruel neighbor and his corrupt department when he helps a special woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey B (gb) wrote: An exceptionally dumb, poorly made, hammy melodrama, positioning itself as some sort of triumphant rallying cry to the morals of the American People, while really just coming off more like an insane homeless man, shouting nonsense from the inside of a back alley dumpster.

Andres V (br) wrote: Parece que Kusturica esta fumando o consumiendo algo muy fuerte, quizas para el documental de Maradona adquirio el mismo tren de consumo del dios argentino, porque el surrealismo al que nos tiene acostumbrados ya se le salio de las manos.Esta pelicula esta cargada de personajes que no aportan nada a la historia, la musica ya parece un poco sobrecargada y el argumento es tonto y repetitivo.Hace ya mucho que Emir se quedo atascado en este tipo de peliculas, desafortunadamente parece que sera mejor que se dedique a la musica porque lo del cine ya se le jodio.

rachel f (br) wrote: best movie about a monkey in the FBI ive eva seen! tht monkey is DEFINETLY funky!!

Waleed A (fr) wrote: hilarious. almost as good as the first one. lots of great new additions (about 5 viewings)

Christopher E (us) wrote: just because the stars are black, that doesn't mean I have to like it if it's crap...

Carolyn G (fr) wrote: I remember seeing this in the early 90's on cable and really liking it. Unfortunately, it did not age well and my deep affection for Gary Oldman has waned in later years. His pompadour in this film really angered me.

Jesse O (us) wrote: If you were to rank horror movie 'monsters', it'd be: Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, Jason (with those all hovering around in the top spot depending who you ask), Leatherface and, unfortunately, last Pinhead. I know I reviewed a Nightmare on Elm Street 2 a couple of weeks ago and I said that Freddie was my favorite of the Big Three, if you will. That's not to say he's my favorite horror monster out of them all, but the discussion always boils down to Jason, Freddie, and Michael Myers. They're the three most successful horror monsters of all time, so it's only natural that the discussion would boil down to those three. Personally, out of the big three, I've always preferred Freddie because of the fact that he speaks, so, therefore, he has infinitely more personality than either Jason or Michael. But if you were to ask me which, out of every horror monster there is out there, I'd definitely have to go with Pinhead. What I like about Pinhead, and the franchise in general, is that while the others have embraced a more campy approach, Hellraiser was always all about the torture and abject suffering of its victims. While each sequel got progressively worse, at the very least, this part of the series was still intact. This film is no different, it's probably more horrifically violent than anything you would've seen in a Jason, Freddie, or Michael movie at the same time. While I lament the fact that Pinhead was made into a more sympathetic figure in this film, there's still more than enough grotesque violence, hellish creatures, nightmarish surroundings, etc, etc to satisfy the most jaded gorehounds. The story is certainly a little lacking, which is why it gets this score. I like how the film continues with the story set-up in the original film, rather than doing away with all of that to use a cast full of fresh faces and telling a completely different story with them. I appreciate that continuity and this does a good job at explaining the events of the original film, which I actually haven't finished watching. So there's that, but I wasn't particularly interested in this film's story either. I wasn't really invested. What can you expect, however, from a horror sequel? They can't all be Evil Dead 2. But I do like the film's surrealist visuals and nightmarish portrayal of hell. It is exactly what it should've been. I don't think many slashers are scary, or at least they don't intend to be, but I can find someone being absolutely terrified at the hellish sights. Because, believe it or not, a big chunk of American citizens believe that hell is an actual place that you get sent if you disobey god's rules. Yes, the same god who made you in his/her image and the one who proclaims to love you no matter what you do will condemn you to an eternity of suffering if you break any of his rules, even the really stupid and arbitrary ones such as getting a haircut or eating shellfish. So, because of that, I think a lot of religious, not exactly fanatical but not secular either, people might be scared by this film's representation of hell and the 'creatures' that oversee everything. I think this film benefits from something that some people think is real and that, definitely, raises it past the typical horror franchise. Of course this is talking about the first two films in the franchise, as the series falls off after this, never to recover. But I liked this movie, it might not set the world on fire as far as inventiveness, but it does have some really grotesque and gruesome scenes. Considering the darker subject matter, this is still a pretty fun horror movie. And it's even better if you're doing a Halloween horror fest like I am. Acquired taste, but horror fans will be more than pleased.

Allan C (us) wrote: A follow-up to the classic "Charade" features the same director, Stanley Donen, same writer and same composer, Henry Mancini. However, this breezy tale of espionage is minus the great Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Instead, we have Gregory Peck, who's good but not as good at comic moments and is rather stiff, and Sophia Loren as the female lead, who I've never been that much of a fan of, though I know fans consider her to be at her most beautiful in this film, though that's lost on me. Still, this film is quite entertaining, fast paced and filled with nice little action and suspense set pieces.

James P (jp) wrote: Pretty dull but a great ending scene!

Paul D (ca) wrote: You can pretty much guess how this film will pan-out after the first scene. Whilst your prediction won't be spot-on the rest of the film in-between is not. It's formulaic with some crass language thrown in to try and disguise this, however people don't really speak like this.

Filippo V (es) wrote: Il film prende tutto il suo tempo per costruire una vicenda a tema gangster molto intricata e difficile da seguire. Nonostante questo, la solita sceneggiatura dei Coen aiuta a seguire il filo logico della storia, ricca di numerosi espedienti registici veramente innovativi e moderni ancora adesso. Il solito umorismo velato presente anche in questo caso e rende il tutto molto pi fruibile e meno pesante da seguire. Di sicuro non il migliore dei Coen, ma il loro stile inimitabile rende la visione un'esperienza unica nel suo genere, come in tutte le altre loro pellicole.

David M (au) wrote: A pre-Man of Steel (and post Immortals) Henry Cavill stars in this action thriller, as a man on holiday in Spain who discovers his father (Bruce Willis) is not what he thinks he is, after his family is kidnapped off their yacht.Also starring Sigourney Weaver, this actually proved to be somewhat better than I was expecting: not brilliant by any means, but not a complete disaster either.