The Borderlands

The Borderlands

Vatican investigators are sent to the British West Country to investigate paranormal activity, and they find the events are more disturbing than they first imagined.

Three men are sent by the Vatican to investigate reports of supernatural activity in an old church located in a secluded part of the English countryside - Deacon, a Scottish priest with a reputation for skepticism who has debunked several claims of paranormal activity and who is emotionally scarred by a disastrous investigation of a Brazilian church a year previously . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan H (es) wrote: This movie is a awful cheesey ripoff of Spider-Man and ant man, the plot is lazy and the movie is basically finished 45 minutes then they thought of some nonsensical ending, suppressingly this movie had 2 sqequils

Manisha D (it) wrote: The charm of Gondry and colors of Almodovar.

Priyadarshini K (br) wrote: One Complete Entertainer!!! Action, romance, drama, music, the trademark dance... all is imbedded in this movie. To top it, brilliant actors like Nassar, Prakash raj who add their screen presence to this movie. Mahesh Babu as always walks away with all the applause!!!

Fakhir M (kr) wrote: A very emotional story.Amitabh Bachan performs in his full glory.A great movie.

Yuuka T (mx) wrote: Long drawn out with not much character development or chemistry between cast members. The idea was interesting but overall, the film is quiet - not in a suspenseful or dark way but in a slow and almost boring manner. Not particularly terrible but also wouldn`t recommend it.

Tino R (it) wrote: Fans of Ice Cube and Mike Epps style of comedy will enjoy this. But nothing really special.

Brittany w (gb) wrote: where is the money at?

Russell H (jp) wrote: Not bad. Forest Whitaker is good and I love the soundtrack by RZA.

Lisa Michelle A (mx) wrote: ADORE! ADORE! ADORE! <333 ^_^ This film is hilarious as well as heartwarming and lovely <333

dfw f (us) wrote: I did not read Undset's great book trilogy about 14th century Norway. This is Liv Ullmann??s second directorial attempt. She was best known for her acting roles in Ingmar Bergman's films. It is a film about medieval spirituality both paganism & Christianity. The production of the film is lavish film with epic type dimensions & cinematography. It is a long move 3 hours. Kristin is the daughter of a prominent landowner in medieval Norway. She grows up in total harmony with the ideals of the time: strong family ties, social pride & devout Christianity. She accepts the fact that her father has arranged for her to marry the son of another landowner. Kristin's beauty & purity create violent emotions around her. There are envy & attempted rape, murder & revenge. She seeks refuge from the world in a convent, waiting the time for her marriage. Here the passion of her life strikes, the knight Erlend Nikulaussonn. He, an accomplished seducer, also falls hopelessly in love. They have to cross not only convent walls to meet, but social boundaries as well. Their love cannot be kept secret, & suddenly the innocent Kristin is the centre of a scandal. Her fianc withdraws from their engagement, her father rages, & Erlend's former mistress tries to poison her. The affair grows into a political issue, & finally some of the country's most dignified leaders persuade Lavrans to give in. The lovers win each other, but it is in front of a charred altar in a burnt down church, & their happiness has a double edge. The film is a cinematic masterpiece. Ullmann has learned well from her teacher Ingmar Bergman & this is a really magical beautiful 14th century tale. Every scene is a pleasure to behold thanks to SVEN NYKVIST's cinematography. This dvd contained the full 3 hours & contained the 20 minutes omitted from the original film release. Some will say that Ullmann ultimately doesn't succeed in bringing Kristin's passion to life onscreen in a convincing fashion. I disagree I loved this film

Hap D (br) wrote: I laughed till I hurt

Robert S (kr) wrote: One of my favorite Chan movies, Chan & Yeoh are wonderful together.

Bill K (it) wrote: I watched this a long time ago when I was a kid!

Abhinav G (br) wrote: Absolutely incredible movie.

Tatsuhito K (ag) wrote: This unique, cheesy, yet gleefully twisted antihero movie by Sam Raimi feels dated for sure, and it is not for those who prefer today's visual effects-driven superhero films. But when the action explodes on screen, it's pretty damn entertaining. I also enjoyed the arc and psychological transformation that the protagonist goes through during the course of the film, and I commend Raimi for trying to make an original superhero film with some thematic depths, instead of a mindless, fun popcorn entertainment. Love the use of practical effects such as the makeup and stop-motion. Danny Elfman's whimsical score adds more layers to the story, and Liam Neeson is rather good as Darkman. It's not a great film, but for what it is it's quite enjoyable.

Stefan G (ru) wrote: Of course, it's inevitable that big actors frequently take a dive in bad movies, and in Sylvester Stallone's case, Daylight was one of those movies that made Sly Stallone look outdated, and considering that this was made in the mid-1990's, this is a very bad sign indeed. The film itself looks quite dirty, and by that I mean it looked like one of those filthy public restrooms, only most of it is brown. The actors don't even try to give a very convincing performance, and while the acting isn't as bad as in other bad movies (which I dare not mention), it's still really terrible to the point that it's blatantly obvious that the actors weren't paid well enough. Even Sly Stallone suffers here, mainly because he fails to hide the fact that this is the kind of movie he's done several times before. While the film's more explosive scenes where decent at best, the entire film felt poorly made and incompetently handled. The one good thing about this movie is that at least it wasn't much of a disappointment, because I had fairly low expectations of this film to begin with. If you have high expectations, however, be prepared to be thoroughly disappointed.

Cheryl S (gb) wrote: Bit too laborious to hold my interest...