The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

New CIA operative, Aaron Cross experiences life-or-death stakes that have been triggered by the previous actions of Jason Bourne.

Aaron Cross is a member of a black ops program called Operation Outcome whose subjects are genetically enhanced. He must run for his life once former CIA Treadstone agent Jason Bourne's actions lead to the public exposure of Operation Treadstone and its successor Operation Blackbriar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bourne Legacy torrent reviews

John Joseph M (de) wrote: Jessie Eisenberg is always watchable.

Duff W (ag) wrote: Delightful movie on every level.

Randy P (gb) wrote: A number of gags over used and corny music that plays along with the corny dialogue. Other then that due to some of the actors there are some funny moments (Sledgehammer)

Ariel T (gb) wrote: GREAT SHOW!!! About two chefs...

Robin P (ag) wrote: Very quirky, highly underrated. Not the best movie ever made, but original and clever, for sure.

bill s (gb) wrote: More gritty than the howling add the great Albert Finney and you got something.

Derek B (es) wrote: One of my personal favorites of Brooks. Wilder is perfect is Frederick Frankenstein (it's pronounced Frankunsteen), and his craziness is perfectly believable. The brightest spot in this film, for me, is Marty Feldman is Igor (prounced Eyegor). He is the funny guy, the one that throws the curveballs and doesn't appear to take anything seriously. If you have not seen this film, stop reading these reviews and go watch it.

Sian H (nl) wrote: And it only gets that because Chris Evans try's so hard, but no matter how much you polish it it's still gonna be ****

John W (mx) wrote: This was one of those movies that I grew up with that upon returning to I worried might lessen in my eyes. But to my great thanks it held up quite well in my eyes. For a film that doesn't even hit two hours in length it contains a surprising amount of story. With our central protagonist Bowen before our eyes gong from honorable knight, to vindictive dragon slayer, to self-serving conman, to befriending his enemy Drago, and ultimately reclaiming his former self by leading a revolution against the tyrant ruling his homeland. And it all flows together pretty well, with us having a decent understanding of each of his shifts.

Christopher M (ca) wrote: What a great heartfelt movie!!!! Awesome performance by Denzel Washington!

Aj V (nl) wrote: Oh, I hate westerns, but at least Vincent Price has a better role than his last western. The story is familiar and predictable, so there's really not much point in watching this. I didn't like this movie.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First viewing - Childhood)

Anand K (fr) wrote: The only thing I can think of is either they did this movie as an inside joke or someone from another studio was a mole and sabotaged it.