The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy

When Jason Bourne is framed for a CIA operation gone awry, he is forced to resume his former life as a trained assassin to survive.

After escaping from the emotional and physical pain he previously encountered. Jason Bourne and his girlfriend Marie begin a new life as far away as possible. But when an assassination attempt on Bourne goes horribly wrong, Bourne must re-enter the life he wanted to leave behind, in order to find out the truth why they are still after him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Bourne Supremacy torrent reviews

Gerry R (ag) wrote: Great first half but after the 'ending' is revealed half-way through it just becomes an unintentional comedy of ridiculousness- ludicrous, shallow, and just downright dumb. I haven't read it but this may be one of those cases where the book provided the depth and insight (in this case, about marriage) along with the racy thrilling story, while the film just provides the story (as is so often, sadly, the case) which story, in and of itself, is pretty stupid. After the clever mid-film reveal, and subsequent idiocy, I couldn't wait for it to end- and thus it failed in its only raison d'etre- to be entertaining. And then you realize it's just another 2 hours of your life you won't get back. Blithely misogynist, semi-pretentious crap, is all it is, in the end.

Prashanth R (ag) wrote: Cute movie for all the couples

Ponn V (au) wrote: Have to say that I was very impressed with the way this film raised my adrenaline by the first scene. It happens the say way with Miami Vice by Collin Farrell and Jamie Fox. The first scene was the best for speed, philosophy, message and makes expected that there are more things ahead. But I was disappointed. The rest of the storyline does not make any sense, especially the gladiator fight that will decide the leadership of criminal empire. That is just wrong. Also the relationship between detective and his sister in law, that is just weird too. Can say that this is the professional screen play and great scene shots but very stupid plot. Not worth to watch.

Ian E (es) wrote: Ah yes, Juliette Binoche of 'Chocolat' fame. She won my heart me back then and is as equally magnificent in this movie. This movie is open to interpretation and will leave you asking questions about the nature of their relationship. Was she once a mistress, a certified copy, of his marriage elsewhere and now meeting many years later? Were they role playing? Were they once married and long since separated? You will have no solid answers but what a wonderful film that addresses different stages of a relationship. Some key scenes in the coffee shop when he is outside on the phone, in the restaurant when they argue, the bride who wants her photograph taken, the final scene and the ringing bell.... plenty of questions but no answers. Loved it. Filmed in a mixture of English, French and Italian as it is set in Tuscany.

Anders A (kr) wrote: An apocalyptic chaos world seen through a little girl eyes. Jodelle Ferland is doing an amazing job, in this wicked surreal mobid tale of human wasteland. Its a abstract movie that make you wanna puke and awake your senses to the dread of the world, the things you cannot understand. Illogical as a child's thoughts.

Allan C (kr) wrote: From the director of "Grease" and "The Blue Lagoon." As a comedy, it's a premmis that had potential, Bynes as a super fan marooned on a desert island with her rock star idol, except they are in fact right next to a resort, which Bynes keeps secret in order to spend alone time with her heartthrob. However, the film is just not at all funny. But hey, it has a Stewart Copeland score!

Lloyd R (jp) wrote: This film could have been so much better had my urgent suggestion been taken to make Modesty a Rosicrucian.

Anthony V (br) wrote: Someone gave this to me for free. I still want my money back.

Leo L (gb) wrote: Great movie! Fascinating story plot about the adventures of a young woman and her two daughters. Definitely worth seeing!!

J M (jp) wrote: A delicate magnetic mystery.

Vicky G (gb) wrote: Watched this all weekend and laughed half the time. Miss those days

Cassandra M (au) wrote: This is actually a film id like to see re-made.

Vemmy K (kr) wrote: Dietrich in tuxedo, von Sternberg, Cooper.. need I say more?

Jose Miguel G (us) wrote: Is slow paced, but the performances from Weisz to Hiddleston steal the show, making this a solid melancholic love interpretation.

Nathan S (br) wrote: As a fan of the BMS series I couldn't wait for this film when I heard it was in the pipe work. It's no where near as good as the series, but it has laugh out loud funny moments and is good enough to get your BMS Juices flowing! ALL HAIL JENKEM!

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