The Boxer from the Temple

The Boxer from the Temple

"The Kid" is a monk whose education in the aptly named "Crazy Lo Han Fist" finds him battling a cruel bandit's son and befriending an abused prostitute.

Complex plots? This director didn't want them. Expensive, famous stars? Didn't need them. Glorious sets and costumes? He could take them or leave them. With his choreographer Hsu Hsia, John Lo Mar liked making lean, mean, fighting movies, and fans rejoiced. Here Wu Yuan-chin stars as "the Kid," a monk whose education in the aptly named "Crazy Lo Han Fist" finds him battling a cruel bandit's son and befriending an abused prostitute. From then on, it's one fight after another in another John Lo Mar martial arts marvel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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THOMAS S (fr) wrote: With this film it is a fine romantic comedy that desperately wants to be ribald sex farce, it's just not played with the proper tone.

Evelyn C (kr) wrote: I thought it was beautiful. As a story with a positive message, artistically told. I think Joffe outdoes himself in the film direction and cinematography. I understand the actors also got very deeply involved, and I think both Cox and Bentley do a great job- especially Cox, who manages to portray a 20th century saint as someone who is also very deeply human. Kudos to both director and star cast for their excellent performances. Granted, the plot can feel a bit unwieldy, like trying to hug a 10m-wide tree, but that's due to the complex themes driving the plot : forgiveness, the Spanish Civil War, politics, Catholicism and spirituality and the bigger things in life (cf "Do you hate God?" scenes, Opus Dei... ) I have to say I totally love the girl in the lunatic asylum. She's eerie, wistful and sweetly appealing at the same time. A job well done. There are also many layered messages that get missed out on the first viewing, such as the treatment of fatherhood and family; more than a film worth watching, this is a thought-provoker that needs to be chewed on .

Mark G (de) wrote: A nice little slightly surreal flick about an agoraphobic guy who thinks back on a European trip he took a year ago with his best friend Bunny. Nicely shot with some clever little elements thrown in there too although it does pad things out a little too much at times. Needed a shorter running time and less filler moments to speed it along a bit, but all in all a good film; even if you could see the ending from around half way through the movie.

Benjamin N (ca) wrote: Nice imagery, So dark and weird.

Brian P (nl) wrote: A mistaken identity movie that adds nothing new to the genre although a subplot has Belushi trying to see the Chicago Cubs in the world series. The fact that the Cubs go to the world series and (SPOILER) win it makes this a complete fantasy movie border lining on science fiction. This is the first of two movie that the Disney corporation tried to push Jim Belushi on an unassuming America. And now Belushi is one of the biggest stars in the world. I kid of course, he sucks.

Orlok W (it) wrote: A cheese feast with some cool digs for Albert--Psycho's obsession with purity and virgins!!

Anthony V (es) wrote: Found childhood memories.

Jamie C (it) wrote: Another Bond film that people don't really remember apart from the soundtrack and the fact that we finally get to see the leader of Spectre Dr Evil oops I mean number 1, The plot is pretty silly just like most of the gadgets in this film like the tiny one person helicopter that manages to fight 4 other helicopters with ease plus there's also some other non needed gadgets too, Having said that there was some nice little stunts and the action was ok, But it never leaves its comfort zone and nothing is really new to speak of and that's why it's never one of the first 007 films we think of.

Kaleb R (kr) wrote: Come on...Ryan Reynolds is hysterical

Jennifer T (mx) wrote: Boring even with the famous actors. Pass.

Tim L (ag) wrote: Great sci-fi film. I grew up watching the Sinbad films. I love the claymation.

Nicholas M (us) wrote: was worth the wait,had a good selection of actors that worked great together. But never saw that ending coming,awesome.