The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

A novelist (Dina Meyer) moves to a little town to write her next novel. She loves to get inspiration and as time goes by she gathers information about her neighbor, a young and wealthy guy whom she observes and picture from her window most of the time. Soon, she gets involved in a crime and most of the evidence is pointing at her due to her lonely life and life style. She needs to fight to demonstrate her innocence and that's what will be the plot of the movie till the end.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   forest,   police,  

TV movie where a novelist (Dina Meyer) moves to a little town to write her next novel. She loves to get inspiration and as time goes by she gathers information about her neighbor, a young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leslie R (nl) wrote: figures the audience loves this movie and the critics don't have the courage to give it the same consensus (at the very least) as 'Gasland' by that hipster jerk what's- his- name Fox.

Gerard M (ag) wrote: A filmmakers film oh and what a McGuffin.

Fidel Antonio M (fr) wrote: Friggin' awesome! Best of the year so far. Effectively mixes action, time travel, and superpowers with devastating results. Director Rian Johnson is the next Christopher Nolan.

Markus M (gb) wrote: A low-budget film with an interesting concept and some pretty good gore despite the acting being laughable and the climax offering an explanation to the story's mystery that's cheesy as all hell.

Richard H (au) wrote: Landing just on the right side of melodrama and held together by a powerfuk performance from Sara Polley (who has seldom had such a good role since), this movie is all about death, love, life and the family.Worth a go, but in places its quite heart breaking!

destinee b (jp) wrote: What are your thoughts on the movie? it has significant meaning to change.What were the main ideas of the movie? To accept new ideasHow did the movie make you feel and what did it make you think about as you watched? Sad and overjoyed with the different changesWhat were your final thoughts about the movie and overall comments on the big ideas and plot? I thought that it was great how the grandfather learned to accept his granddaughter What do you think the overall point the makers of the movie were trying to make? That as time goes on we have to accept that things will not always be the same and that change will happen Did you enjoy the movie? Yes I thought that the movie was a really go movie and had really good meaning to it.

Zachary Y (fr) wrote: the meth version of trainspotting, more or less, however boasts a terrific cast

Knox M (de) wrote: The Master of Suspense's first of two horror films was a game changer, and took horror, made it HORROR, and even produced a new genre, slasher.

Marla N (us) wrote: I slightly remember watching this movie as a once. I actually had never seen it on or anything, until now..SO i decided to watch it. (Plus, there was nothing better on). I have to's so slooow at first that i almost fell asleep! I mean, i suppose it has a decent plot & it's based on true events..but i guess i just wasn't in the mood to watch a movie of this type or something. The ending chase scene sure woke me up tho! I liked the kinda wraps everything up nicely. Plus, the old Indian man is funny! I have a lot of respect for the Native American people & it's so tragic what the 'white man' done to them. This movie has a nice point & purpose & i suppose it's worth the watch..just maybe not really late at night..since it has a few rather boring parts.

Loren T (us) wrote: A masterpiece! I loved the hard truths of thiks film.

Justin S (fr) wrote: Brand new tone, and camera visuals