The Boys Next Door

The Boys Next Door

Roy and Bo leave their small town the weekend after graduation for a short road trip to LA. Soon, they find themselves lashing out and leaving a trial of bodies behind them. The violence escalates throughout.

Roy and Bo leave their small town the weekend after graduation for a short road trip to LA. Soon, they find themselves lashing out and leaving a trail of bodies behind them. The violence ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cliff M (gb) wrote: Black Widows entrance was the highlight of this movie, while the villains lack any interest or depth.

Folashade A (kr) wrote: I rather enjoyed this movie. The character of Jill was impossible and so demanding. The mother I felt was trying as hard as she could but was a bit crazy at times. I loved Mark he was hilarious. Overall good movie

Mickey B (jp) wrote: This documentary really touched my heart, obviously I've just been to Kodiak where this happened and the pilot who took me to see bears is actually the man who found the bodies of Timothy and his girlfriend, so it's all very fresh and close to my heart. I admire Timothy for following his heart. He clearly loved animals and struggled with people and society, and I can truly relate to him in that sense. It's a shame he eventually got ripped to shreds by an animal he loved so much, but he always knew the risk. RIP gentle soul.

Daniel K (es) wrote: Now that was a pretty screwed up movie thanks to being way too messy with the storyline and having laughable effects. It started out poorly and ended that way also, and there was one very odd 'sexual' scene that was so out of place with the rest of the film that made me wonder what these guys were on when coming up with the idea for this film. It had a few shining moments but they didn't last. Overall its very bad and well worth avoiding unless you can somehow get some enjoyment out of it.

Deri O (de) wrote: I like the little unpredictable ending.

Kayla K (es) wrote: I was super excited that I had Friday off so that I could partake of a Terror Thursday that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise...However, it was coming off of one HARD week! So, naturally I nodded off in the middle :(It was a weird intro, because there was a mini argument over the goodness of Family Guy, then E. Daily got more applause for doing the voice of Babe than being Dottie (I would give equal applause)... her work as Tommy on the Rugrats was, however overlooked ;)The movie starts off with two story lines that will eventually be woven together by murderous "psychic vampire" (!!!) scientist, Raymar's, dead plastic body.One is that of Adam West's wife who is the alienated daughter of Raymar. She is coming to understand and fear her father's deadly psychic powers, despite Adam Wests severe disapproval.The other story is that of Julie who wants to be a part of "The Sisters"...a 3 gal gang featuring E. Daily, a blond bombshell, and a black gal. The Blond bombshell is terrorizing Julie with "initiations" 'cause Julie is dating her ex. One of the initiations is spending the night in a mausoleum....the one that Raymar was just entombed in.. duh duh duuuuuh!The mausoleum is Hollywood Cemetery which was fun to see again, and astounding how little it's changed in 20 years.The Raymar uses his postmortem telekinesis powers to terrorize all that enter with floating dummies and his lightning eyes!His daughter saves the day and a cool decomposition scene follows.pretty slow, but I was tired

Danny M (de) wrote: Decent film. Nothing special but definitely worth a watch

Lee M (au) wrote: Gridlocked works best when it's simply taking its small team of good guys and pitting them against a never ending stream of bad guys ready to be shot and killed. Thankfully, that's most of the film.