The Brave Archer II

The Brave Archer II


Huang Rong is taken hostage by Ouyang Feng, who attempts to use her to seize the Nine Yin Manual from Guo Jing. Guo and Hong Qigong rescue Huang Rong and Guo gives Ouyang an "edited" version of the manual, that will eventually cause Ouyang to become insane after he practises the skills in the manual wrongly. Ouyang, Hong and Guo get into a fight, in which Ouyang Ke is injured, and Guo and Hong use the opportunity to escape. However, Hong Qigong is also wounded and he gives Huang Rong his Dog Beating Staff, effectively handing over his leadership of the Beggars' Sect to her. Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Ke pursue Guo Jing and Huang Rong to a deserted town for revenge. Guo and Huang take shelter in an abandoned tavern inhabited by a only a retarded girl called Shagu. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle T (br) wrote: It is honestly a 5 star if you watch it with your 2 politically incorrect best friends. Haha he used a watermelon.

Martin B (nl) wrote: A disaster movie in the swedish alps.It could really have been something, but no, nothing works in this wreck of a film

ToMariah S (ca) wrote: out of the three doco's about religion and homosexuality, i think this was somehow the most compelling, probably because it is about a religion that i do not know as well as christianity and judaism. it was difficult to watch these young people tell their stories, in a world and culture that not only disapproves of homosexuality, but many countries denies that homosexuality even exists.. how do you argue that?? i guess one way, is by making films such as these, that showcases peoples struggles, on a very human and real level. i was disappointed to see that the disc didnt have special features, it would have been interesting to see how the movie was accepted by certain religious communities, and what happened to the people in the movie..really important movie about human can turkey deny refugee status to people from Iran? that does not make any sense to me.but more than anything this movie is about love, not sex, but love. and about how love is can be damaging and destructive, but also beautiful and worthwhile...

Shawn M (de) wrote: The two leads are charming and I still can't decide if Jang Hyuk really has that many different expressions or just many variations of the same expression.

puroticorico (it) wrote: Interesting Spanish, gay flick that focuses in on the difficulties within Colombia. The poetic protagonist writer has a lot of great morals & sayings that seemed to be the best part of the film to take away with you.

Jake D (mx) wrote: It's not bad. It does have a few funny moments. It's ok at best. I saw it on TV so I wasted no money, just an hour.

Felipe I (it) wrote: Bagaceiro e meio desconjuntado. Mas d pro gasto.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: ok sequel to summer of '42