The Brave One

The Brave One

A woman struggles to recover from a brutal attack by setting out on a mission for revenge.

New York radio host Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) endures a brutal attack that leaves her badly injured and her beloved fiance dead. In order to recover from the attack, Erica sets out on a mission for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (ag) wrote: Ring Master is the first independent directorial venture of Raffi (after Raffi-Mecartin duo splitting). It is the story of a dog trainer Prince (Dileep).The movie begins with a 'pretty long' introduction of cast and crew with animations. Prince is the son of ring master (Vijayaraghavan) with whom he has turbulent relationships. Prince works as an assistant to his friend and a veterinary doctor Dr. Muthu (Kalabhavan Shajan). On Dr. Muthu's request, Prince takes up the responsibility to be the caretaker of dogs at Elizabeth's (Ranjini) house (who is travelling abroad for a few days). Elizabeth has given strict instruction to Prince to ensure that her favourite pet Lisa does not get pregnant. But Lisa gets pregnant with Toby, blind Karthika's guide dog (Karthika's role is essayed by Keerthi Suresh - daughter of Menaka and Suresh). Lisa dies during delivery giving birth to Diana and that is when Prince's life takes a turn. He takes care of Diana like a baby of his own. Elizabeth on her return throws Prince out of the job on learning about Lisa's death. Peter (Aju Varghese), another friend of Prince and Dr.Muthu, a wannabe director wants to make a movie with Diana in the lead and all three of them goes to meet a producer Sravan (Sooraj Venjaramoodu, also an advocate by profession) and chart out the plan to bring out the movie. Meanwhile, the movie also showcases the story of Prince and her ex-flame Sarsamma aka 'Lady' Diana (Honey Rose), daughter of a beggar and who rose to stardom in the glamour world with the unconditional support of Prince. We also get to see the bond between Prince and Karthika evolving.Does the first movie of Peter becomes a hit ? Does the doggie Diana become a star ? What happens when both the Diana (s) come face-to-face? Is Karthika's life smooth inspite of her disability? Whom does Dileep chooses - his ex-flame 'Lady' Diana or the blind Karthika ? Is Raffi trying to project a philosophical message through this movie that ambitions are good but not at the cost of your valuable relationships (who stood with you through your thick and thin) ? Can relationships once broken be mended? Probably children may enjoy certain moments in the movie where pets are shown.One-Liner:'Ring Master' just gives a few light moments, but Director Raffi's efforts fail to tickle funny bones. ...

Countess N (ru) wrote: A tv version of Wrong Turn 2.

Jacob K (mx) wrote: A movie with an interesting premise and poor execution. I can see how it became a cult favorite but I don't think there's enough substance there for anything more than that.

explodingboy1989 (kr) wrote: "The Dolph defends an island people from the guy from Dharma and Greg, who wants to mine the island for minerals and bat crap."That's the plot of this movie pretty much. Lundgren plays Nick Gunner, a mercenary who is hired to go to a island somewhere in Southeast Asia to get them to let the evil corporation owned by the Dharma and Greg guy and his partner. Along the way, Gunner assembles a crack team of commandos, including Zeus (No Holds Barred) and Catherine Bell. It's the same plot you've pretty much seen Dolph do quite a few times before: Trained killer is hired to do job to subjugate an innocent person or people; along the way, trained killer meets LBFM and has a change of heart. It's up to trained killer to protect the person/people/nation/island from those trying to exploit it. It's a formula I think Dolph knows works pretty well.This is pretty good B movie crap. The Dolph is a noble mercenary, willing to do anything for his crew. He tangles with this wannabe Vernon Wells guy, who acts and talks just like Bennett from Commando. The same kind of homosexual overtones that existed in that baddie return here as well more blatantly (the baddie in this likes to kiss other men a lot). The co stars are also cool: Zeus is here, Catherine Bell (J.A.G.) as well. The guy from Dharma and Greg, of course. Charlotte Lewis brought her nice boobies to the table, and gets down with Dolph in a waterfall. I thought it was awesome to see Kevin Tighe, who played Frank Tihlman from Roadhouse, in this. This is the second movie I've seen that indirectly associates Dolph with Roadhouse. Special mention goes to the guy who played Po (BD Wong), who was very funny. Overall, it's heavier on drama than action, but the whole thing is tinted with some welcome humor.Recommended.

Jay B (jp) wrote: Classic. A truly funny outing with a topnotch cast.

Tara L (kr) wrote: he was a powerful inspiring man, this movie showed his weakness and vulnerability. not sure i like this view because he will always be a great man to me and so many others.

Gregg D (ru) wrote: A Peanut's classic. Surprisingly serious.