The Break Up

The Break Up


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Manoj B (de) wrote: So Saif has 5b euro, John/Aditya has 15 and still they want to do con job... Great...

Leonard D (fr) wrote: Ha! Megan Fox still wanted to be taken seriously! Sorry sweetheart, but you're wasting my time! Josh Brolin looks cool, but, I think I'll pass on this one dude!

Cecily B (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this segment mostly for curiosity sake. I have seen all the installments to this point and it is interesting to see someones life over time. However, it is kind of sad and almost makes you feel bad watching it because the participants at this point feel like the intrusion on their lives annoys them and some of them down right hate being in the series. So I felt there was quite a bit of reservation about even appearing on the film at all. Nevertheless its still cool to see it all documented and how their lives have turned out. On a side note these people really make it appear that British people age badly..

Clifford L (nl) wrote: Two hours of utter nonsense to reason why men can sometimes behave like pigs.

Steph S (gb) wrote: This is such a cute film to watch. I really think it is funny. It's always a good laugh when your watch people who dont understand there surroundings unformilar to them. You cant go wrong. Andre the servent was so good in this film. thi s may have been a flm that was unrecognized but i still believe it was really funny to watch, Two Thumbs up.

Jon A (it) wrote: Great spoof western. Not as good as the first movie but entertaining enough.

Jonathan P (es) wrote: An understated proto-disaster movie made in time when films were still stylish yet fluid. It lacks the limo driven through a collapsing building, space aliens or even Ben Affleck's gleaming veneers, but it does build up suspense effectively and manages to develop solid characters. It may be a little old-fashioned for some newer disaster fans, but keep in mind that the disaster and consequently the parody genre really has this film and the Airport franchise to thank.

Kim P (es) wrote: A great movie! Some of the greatest musical numbers I've seen that rival MGM's more well known musicals.

Jovi J (es) wrote: Watched this classic again with the kids. I watched this originally in the movie theaters. Truly a classic and good characters for dreamworks to build on. Nice simple but elegant story plot with comedy all through out.

Greg W (ru) wrote: got stuff 4 tha kids as well as us adults