The Breastford Wives

The Breastford Wives

Young married couple Rob and Laura move to the peaceful, friendly town of Breastford and right away are made to feel at home by the welcoming members of the Breastford Womens Association. They soon realize that something is amiss, and they discover the reason: Doc Brady, the town's mayor, has invented a device that, at the push of a button, turns women into insatiable, sex-crazed robots.

Young married couple Rob and Laura move to the peaceful, friendly town of Breastford and right away are made to feel at home by the welcoming members of the Breastford Womens Association. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackie H (jp) wrote: The movie is full of action and crime, based on police story, but still not a Typical South Korean movie!

Thomas W (ru) wrote: This B road movie is directed by, written by and stars the who-ever-knew-he'd-be-a-triple-hyphenate (?!) Jason Momoa -- Khal Drogo of 'Game of Thrones' -- as a Native American drifter named Wolf who is wanted by the law after he avenged his own mother's death. After hearing that the law is looking for him, Wolf takes to his motorcycle and sets out on the open road in search of a life of freedom he is unable to obtain on the reservation. On Wolf's trek out west, he meets some people he can take life lessons from including a discarded drunkard (Robert Homer Mollohan) and a lonely woman (Lisa Bonet - High Fidelity) who needs a jump ... for her car. Bonet has few scenes here, but the chemistry between Momoa and her is authentic as they are a real-life couple off screen which is apparent when seeing them onscreen. Wolf is tracked by a couple of FBI agents (Lance Henrikson and Timothy Murphy) who might be on the side of the law but are not necessarily good people. Road to Paloma is not a great film and Momoa isn't a great director (but give him time) but I appreciated the attempt the film has made to give a voice to the forgotten and downtrodden Native Americans Momoa also must find important. Several Native Americans have brief bit parts in the film and Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans) co-stars as Wolf's lawman father. It is too bad that the film isn't better ... I was wanting more for this one.

Brandon K (nl) wrote: Good movie for laughing at not for getting scared with

Shankar R (ru) wrote: Good performance by everyone but story line just fail to excite audience and falls flat right at the ending. Worst movie of the year 2011... rating: 1/10

Konrad A (fr) wrote: I like Thor 2 better!! It went down to action and fighting and it has funny moments! His brother Loki is in prison and I like how Thor and his mom talk to Loki when he is in prison, Loki is sly and clever I must say. And the enemy is cool there is good fighting. I would go and see this movie!! They should make a Thor 3 and what do you know they are!! Exiting is what I will say! I have a favorite line in that trailer to Thor the dark world. Loki is in prison and Thor comes walking. And Loki says after all this time now you come to visit me brother why to Mock Thor says I need your help and I wish I could trust you. Loki says if you were you wold be the fool I always took you for. So see the trailer and then see the cool movie!I have another favorite scene from the movie it is when there is a prison break and Thor Has to fight the people that are getting out of prisonI say this movie gets a 90%

Henry Howard S (de) wrote: Best X-Men movie. I also gave X-Men First Class four and a half stars but I think that this one was better. Surprisingly good with trying time travel and meeting their younger selves. I think that the ending was one of the best ones I have seen in film history.

James B (ca) wrote: A pretty good documentary about the best players during the golden age of the arcade.

Waleed A (nl) wrote: great movie with a great story. i really liked the dynamic between the two leads. (about 4 viewings)

Luc L (gb) wrote: A very typical story but Tom did his best.

Danny V (de) wrote: One of the best movies. If Reds won Best Picture, which it should have, it would be more of a talked about film then it is and was when it came out. More people watched this than "Chariots of Fire". I think this movie is better. Great acting, by all 4 mainstays nominated for Oscars....Nicholson's third best Oscar nomination in my opinion. If Hepburn didn't win, Keaton would have.

Teresa S (us) wrote: (August 1979. Director: Bill L. Norton) Love this sequel to American Graffitti (the classic) which to me is very much unlike the original movie. Why? My best description is that it is a rock collage because it puts side-by-side events of the time (Vietnam War, picketing, drug uses, violence) with rock music from the same time period! And shows how music DOES reflect the times!! MUST SEE!!

Stan D (nl) wrote: A great soap opera love story, starring Paul Newman as the young lawyer trying to make good, with Barbara Rush as his love interest. Robert Vaughn gives a memorable hammy performance as the troubled friend. With Diane Brewster, Brian Keith, Alexis Smith, John Williams, Billie Burke and Richard Deacon. Good courtroom scene at the end with a plot twist; an inspiring, entertaining and compelling story.

Jacob E (mx) wrote: These high school students must stayed back at least 10 years.

Nicole O (kr) wrote: A bit more serious and not a 'typical' role for him, yet Mr. Grant did not disappoint. I would have had Cary Grant be my doctor! :P Shunderson was adorable. :)

Tyler N (nl) wrote: Nice ending I guess. Seems a little slow, and boring

Frances H (kr) wrote: Hilariously funny political/spy thriller satire, well acted by stellar cast.

Dave P (gb) wrote: Not too witty satire inspired by Abe's vampire hunting that uses toilet humor, modern street slang, and a whole lot of ham and cheese. Stream it on Netflix if you're curious and don't be afraid to cut your losses.

Robert H (au) wrote: Ostensibly based on Steve Harvey's best-selling book, this film uses the book more as a springboard for a rather typical battle-of-the-sexes plot that, while rather formulaic, delivers on the charisma and chemistry of its cast. Speaking of the cast, there's a who's who of African-American talent on display, with Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy and Gabrielle Union among the standouts. Everyone here brings their A-game when it came to the comedy, and no one really felt out of place, even the token white guy. Granted, there isn't a whole lot of character development and certain title cards actually play up the stereotype that each person is portraying (originating in Steve Harvey's book). Steve Harvey also shows up occasionally to quote his book, essentially providing commentary on some scenes. Of course, the final act has the obligatory melodrama and unbelievably perfect resolution that we've come to expect from this type of movie. It might be sweet, but for me it was a little too formulaic and saccharine. Still, the 90 minutes that preceded it were mostly enjoyable, with lots of great laugh-out-loud moments. This isn't the best romantic comedy in the world, but you could do a whole lot worse. On another note, the soundtrack is great and features a good mix of old-school and modern R&B.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A highly enjoyable and funny zombie road movie that blends ironic comedy and gore fest in a way that will make you laugh out loud in many improbable moments. Also, Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson are hilarious, and I really love the soundtrack.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Lame. Poorly executed. Still love Bacon!