The Bricklayer

The Bricklayer


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Bricklayer 2002 full movies, The Bricklayer torrents movie

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The Bricklayer torrent reviews

Jim S (ca) wrote: Lame crap, despite the beautiful Canadian scenery and Ryan Kwanten's attempt at acting. He should really stick to "True Blood".

Loy M (br) wrote: This movie could possibly be rated as one movie where you have no Anaconda in a title that has the name of the same. If there was a minus 5, this movie would surely earn that rating.

Kristen P (mx) wrote: This film may be harder for Western audiences to appreciate but it was incredibly progressive for the time in which it was released. I had the privilege of watching this in theaters and I was incredibly moved. The acting is stellar with notable performances from Rani Mukherji, Abhishek Bachchan, and Amitabh Bachchan.

Christopher L (ru) wrote: The worst Western ever made. Period. Dreadful, boring and completely senseless.

Paul E (kr) wrote: A missed opportunity. Mamet gathers a great cast who all acquit themselves well, but it's in service to a generic, stereotype-filled paean to movie making. As usual, Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) steals the show, but even his dialogue is very trite at times. There were a couple of laugh out loud lines, but the screenplay was clearly written by someone who has no idea what small town life is really like. It's great that the big city folks in the film didn't know, either, but to then paint the townsfolk as rubes, with few exceptions, was just lame.

Rhonda W (ag) wrote: I still love watching this movie!!!

Amber G (fr) wrote: A Classic, Very cute Movie.. I love the 80's

Joseph H (mx) wrote: Nightmare on elm street 3 is the ultimate sequel. This film is very clever and twisted and the special effects are mind blowing for an 80's film. The movie perfectly mixed comedy with horror so well that even though Freddy throughs some one liners he still is scary thanks to Robert Englund's superb acting skills!

Heather W (nl) wrote: A beautiful film. One of Steve Buscemi's greatest works, and deffinately one of my favorites.

Matthew C (es) wrote: Like so many 80s comedies, this movie is occasionally a bit funny, frequently misogynous, not very well acted, but a good deal of fun to watch. I don't think I ever expected to see a film with Daniel Roebuck (Arzt from Lost) as a lead. No, it's not a very good movie. But it was an OK watch.

Michael F (es) wrote: A simple metaphor for fascism in a slightly sci fi setting.

Steven T (gb) wrote: I originally saw this movie with my brother when it released in theaters. I thought the film was awful at the time and it has caused me to be very careful in spending money on similar films. The acting was terrible and I thought the story was nonexistent. The film felt like cash grab.

Andy P (nl) wrote: A wonderful slice of life kind of tale told in vignettes, one that celebrates and illuminates a certain period of time when radio was king.