The Brides of Dracula

The Brides of Dracula

A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. In so doing she innocently unleashes the horrors of the undead once again on the populace, including those at her school for ladies. Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing is already on his way.

The film follows vampire hunter Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) as he returns to Transylvania to destroy handsome bloodsucker Baron Meinster (David Peel) who even bites his own mother (Martita Hunt). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Brides of Dracula torrent reviews

Edward K (ag) wrote: this movie was going along great until the last 40 minutes and then they fucked the movie up

Daniel A (nl) wrote: thank god I rented this movie for free from the library or else I would have thrown myself from a moving train.

Chris C (au) wrote: Sean Young makes a solid villainous alter ego in this surprisingly funny take on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic with some great make-up/visual effects.

Justin P (ag) wrote: a very good look at this portion of greek mythology.

Ronald A (fr) wrote: I love watching the scenes filmed in Martinsburg, WV.

Taline M (au) wrote: Mindblowing haunting soundtrack by Pink Floyd.

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