The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid

A hard-working young man meets and falls in love with his sister's bridesmaid. He soon finds out how disturbed she really is.

A hard-working young man meets and falls in love with his sister's bridesmaid. He soon finds out how disturbed she really is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lorie M (es) wrote: so disappointing. no real resolution to the story

Bruno C (fr) wrote: Brilliant. A wonderful script, amazing performances, great could tell this movie was a labor of love. I don't know the book but I'm sure it's even more moving than the film...Podeswa really crafted a fine film here, the Greek/Middle-Eastern soundtrack also complemented this fine piece of work. It's really a slice of life movie....very authentic portrayal of how psychological trauma can play through one's entire life stemming from events like the Holocaust. And the protagonist (both by the child actor and Stehpen Dillane) stayed true to what was being conveyed in the story. Fugitive Pieces is also thoroughly poetic in how we see Jakob finally able to embrace his ghosts and move forward. This theme really resonated with me (living in my own past, still dealing with my ghosts), and I hope this film will receive the recognition it deserves.And also, another sign that this was a great production: great historic and locational recreation, both of WW II era Europe, rural Greece, 70's-era Canada.

Cece J (ru) wrote: awesome movie I love it

Brenda Z (us) wrote: All of them performed a great acting. I kinda got bored in some scenes and some characters (like sister-in-law) had nothing to do in this film, but it was ok. Probably some people will say that Salman Khan danced like an idiot, but at least he acted as good as he could (he didn't look like "the bad boy of bollywood" as he is catalogued nowadays). In fact, I was so surprised of seeing Shahrukh's acting, he has great nuances and gets very into the character of "macho husband". Aishwarya's blind girl character was a plus because she helped Madhuri's and SRK's characters (wife + husband) to be together after their misunderstandings and his jealousy.

Antony C (es) wrote: What other movie describes T-bagging - that says it all!

Kristal C (it) wrote: A not awful musical that suffers from trying to tackle far too many issues for the sort of movie it is. It has great ebergy though and the music and cameos are pretty cool.

Yannick D (de) wrote: Spanning more than two decades the story isn't exactly compact. And yet, the direction is so seamless and the acting so incredibly good the only issue even the biggest cynic could come up with are some iffy make-up effects. Nuanced and powerful - an astonishing piece of work.

Paul D (ca) wrote: It's nothing like the 70's television series, so it's best not to view it in that manner. Ray Winstone looks good in this, but it's a very bland crime thriller in the main.

William G (de) wrote: Gods Not Dead is an excellent and beautiful film that has been trashed by atheist liberals. It provides a sense of faith, and represents Christianity very well. Highly recommend!