The Bridge

The Bridge

This is the directorial debut of Artur Pohl and tells the story of war refugees as they try to settle in a small town in Germany.

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Antony G (au) wrote: A good gritty drama set in Liverpool in 2007. It certainly doesn't pull any punches & has the feel of a documentary, using real shocking footage of the troubles in Iraq. Fergus comes back to Liverpool to find out his life long friend, Frankie (played by John Bishop), has been killed on the road known as Route Irish in Iraq, the most dangerous road in the road, during a contract he was fulfilling. Both men worked for a Security firm in the worlds most dangerous places but it seems Frankie's luck ran out or had it? Fergus refuses to accept his friend was killed in action & starts his own investigation to uncover the truth.

Tom H (nl) wrote: Fun film with a surprising amount of graphic violence. Rob Corddry got the most laughs from me. it was shot in 20 days or something, you can tell but it really is a decent action/comedy.

Michael D (jp) wrote: Emotionally taxing at times. I liked seeing a behind the scenes view of how military deaths are handled. I liked it, but also thought why don't the families have more say in how the body is buried etc... or maybe they do. Kevin Bacon was great a little too reminiscent of a Few Good Men. If you want a slow emotionally tolling movie check it out.

Lori B (au) wrote: Suffers a bit from some strange directorial decisions, and it is definitely minimalist with very little dialogue. But the cinematography is often stunning, and the acting is excellent. Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Maiju V (fr) wrote: made me cry, really CRY, made me smile, made me laugh. one of the best movies EVER.

Ashlee M (de) wrote: jUST AS GOOD OR EVEN BETTER THAN THE 1ST!!!

BRUNO V (kr) wrote: JCVD & Prison-movie , always good for me

Laney C (ru) wrote: If Tevus recommends it, I must eventually see it!

Matthew L (au) wrote: It addresses many topics to great effect. Censorship, the moral and ethical responsibility of the film-maker, particularly of the documentary film-maker, passion for cinema and the change that can bring about. Not Kieslowski's best work, but fantastic all the same.

Salah A (it) wrote: An entertaining family film, although would not watch twice.

William F (mx) wrote: Deep stop motion is not as cool as fascinating computer animation.

Bheema D (mx) wrote: In regards to the first act, it can be accurately said that the sum of its parts is greater than its whole. Theoretically, the soundtrack, the acting, the visual direction, the story, these are all undoubtedly effective elements - but they don't mesh together in a way suiting its intention. Maybe if Stanley Kubrick wasn't so in love with the source material and obsessed with his style than the substance wouldn't be sacrificed, and maybe if Leonard Rosenman wasn't so obsessed with proving himself than his soundtrack would match the dramatic structure of the film. However, the second act fixes these problems - the music becomes not a statement of Barry Lyndon's knowledge of classics, but instead a way to bring the emotion of the film to life. The story ceases to be a confused one, but instead has incredible emotional effectiveness. There is a scene involving the death of someone close to Barry which ranks as one of the most heart-wrenching sequences in film history. It's a shame I have to give this film only four stars - if there is a modern equivalent of Kubrick out there, he ought to remake this film and learn from the previously made mistake.

Luke S (au) wrote: Too bad to be an epic, and too self-serious to be a so-bad-that-it's-good movie, Gods of Egypt is a boring and so poorly executed movie