The Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere

A group of 20-something blue-collar workers in Pittsburgh cook up a scheme to make extra money that involves prostitution. Their business takes off, then gets way out of hand.

Centers on the rise and fall of four blue-collar men who team with a destitute prostitute to create a high-priced escort service. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitch B (kr) wrote: Great musicalUnlikely to change the mind of someone who hates musicals

Von Angelo S (kr) wrote: As a Filipino, It Takes A Man And A Woman is among the movies which can make you say your ticket is worth it. Negative criticism? Please try to look at the cinema lines. Predictable? Yes. We Filipinos are such happy people who wants a happy ending for everyone not some ending you'd want to throw your popcorn to. In behalf of all those who watched the movie, I would like to say that the movie is awesome. Sure, they 'recycled' scenes from the prequels. Well, what movie doesn't? But, hey, look at how the movie turns out. Quite intriguing isn't it how they will work until the end? Being someone BITTER, the movie is surefire challenging. That the movie wanna makes us believe in love again. I urge you to watch again the movie, dear critics. Maybe what you is in the shallow part, the depths of the movie is yet to be discovered and appreciated. It Takes A Man And A Woman maybe not a movie to die for, but it's a movie to be definitely watched out for. Try to be Filipino, and you'll see what we have been telling you.

Johnny B (ru) wrote: Slow-paced at times, but this movie rocks.

Dean P (us) wrote: Great atmosphere, good tension development, and an extremely twisted story. If you like psychological thrillers that leave something to the imagination then you'll enjoy this one.

Federico F (de) wrote: The basis of the true action: violent and brazen, mix well as a film-style the game Grand Theft Auto

Becca D (fr) wrote: The best Guy Pearce performance I've ever seen. This movie worked.

Stanley K (ca) wrote: An engaged couple's paths cross with others in the big city of NYC where the 6 degrees of separation creates a rift between them.

Karen H (au) wrote: 2016-03-25 the Weimaraner wasn't neurotic, the owners were nuts. in fact all of them were nuts. which I guess was the point of the movie.

MissGory R (jp) wrote: No...Not just the name of a really amazing OZZY album, but another one of Vinnie's earliest films. Based on the book, this one remains a classic in my collection.

Mike S (jp) wrote: Pretty much all of the stuff I'd read about this film proved correct. It's worth watching because of the re casting Bogart with Mary Astor (who is very different to her character in the Maltese Falcon) and Sydney Greenstreet who is a great villian who should of done more films with Bogie.Bogie seems a little unsure of himself at times in this film. I don't think they knew quite what they were trying to do with this film at times and some of the dialog seemed forced and un natural (very unlike the Falcon) and I guess the fact that the film was made so close to the breakout of the war, and John Huston was called up during filming and had to leave, it's understandable why the film is a little flat in parts.But the actors are great, and it features some classic Bogart images.I think the early love scenes between Bogie and Astor are really awkward. Bogart was not used to being a leading man at this stage and throughout his career he was better when he was a cynical type of love interest up against a tough and dangerous woman, like Lauren Bacall. That's also why he worked so well in Sabrina because he was not who you would expect Sabrina to fall in love with.A mixed bag of a film, but worth owning and I'm glad its finally out on DVD in Australia.

Alex K (mx) wrote: I Know Ms. Uramkin Has Seen The TV Show Bewitched, She Went To This Movie When It Came Out In Movie Theaters Back In 2005, She Told Me The Film Adaptation Of Bewitched Got Panned By Film Critics Because It Did Not Live Up To The Original TV Show, Tyler Told Me Bewitched Was So Romantic.

Barbara W (es) wrote: Crude disgusting movie with no redeeming features

Love M (fr) wrote: A bleak but artistic drama of love and lost. Wrenchinly honest, painfully slow! 17/02/2013