The Briefcase

The Briefcase

Through a series of calamitous events, he finds himself handcuffed to a naïve, but eager Dan (Keith Nobbs) who miraculously has stolen the prized briefcase.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Briefcase torrent reviews

Richard I (au) wrote: As idiosyncratic a film as you may care to watch, a disorientating meditation on individualism, subjugation, heroism and evil, with every word as weighted as each carefully chosen shot.

Romeo H (ru) wrote: Falcon Rising has no other ambition but to be a run-of-the-mills revenge flick, which is fine, but it's lack of energy and tension say other wise.

Graham B (it) wrote: Aging hustler Vassilli finds a young hustler robbed and unconscious in a Paris park. The young man (Angelo) has no where to stay, so Vassilli takes him back to his apartment. The two begin a relationship. When Angelo discovers the more violent nature of Vassilli's encounters, instead of fleeing he teams up with him and they begin robbing their clients. Pretty soon their violent past catches up with them and they flee to Lyon where they attempt to leave the life of crime behind them. It's quite an engaging story with interesting characters. The script spirals out of control in the last reel and the ending is just a bit "oh."The writer/director Gael Morel has done better than this in previous films. The stuff in Paris is gritty and intriguing, but once the story goes elsewhere I lost interest.Stephane Rideau is an engaging screen presence and though his character doesn't think so, is getting better looking with age. Beatrice Dalle is wasted here and the kid is terrible.

LandonandCourtney D (es) wrote: Loved the movie hate the ending

Arshil P (kr) wrote: Some fun can be had with this one!

ola k (ca) wrote: yeah very serious, moving, noble subject, but the movie itself was flat, boring, partial, irritating. and the only question that it posed was why this match matters, cause in the movie the only one that care about it are hungarians living in Australia, so what's the point, so people who run the country and are safe could feel better ? and this awful supposed-to-be-light/funny/patriotic mini speeches thrown in your face every five minutes. devastating

Jaxs (br) wrote: This film is very inspirational, especially since it's based on a true story. I love this film. When I first saw it at the SD Asian Film Fest it literally had me tearing every 5 minutes. It doesn't give you a break on the water works.

Alexander D (kr) wrote: Agree or not, I love a lot of 2Pac's classic rap music (some of the only rap music I actually DO like), and I'd give almost anything to see this docu about him.

Marion R (br) wrote: I only watched this becuase Adrien Brody came out. The lead actress just wasn't interesting to me. I didn't care about her character's plight. It seemed to me like she made some really dumb mistakes. I didn't find anything in her character to root for. I thought the "love story" was weak. meh.

Gary S (de) wrote: Very original, no idea what is going to happen next. Dark humour, great Latin music. Anyone seen this on DVD?

scott f (gb) wrote: cant belevie i made it through the whole movie wow this was bad for some reason i coulndnt stop watching it crazy this was bad but if you have seen the other 3 go ahead watch this one just dont expect much

Morris N (kr) wrote: Excellent film. Depressing story. Certainly worth seeing once.

Stephen S (it) wrote: Certainly in my top five list of best movies ever.

Sanjaya P (jp) wrote: dustin hoffman - outstanding

Muji T (de) wrote: I've a key chain of the lovely panda daddy! :D

Colette M (br) wrote: Very good movie! Claduette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr, Clark Gable all three in it! Can't get better than that!

Jason V (gb) wrote: Interesting story!A tramp who's saved from drowning after he attempted to suicide stay at his rescuer's home. He acts like he was a king, and the guy who saved him, - and feeds and accomodates him -, is his slave. He doesn't want to leave his rescuer's home, and say to him that he better hadn't save him, if he's not happy.LolThe remake is funnier, but this 1 was prettx good.

John Y (jp) wrote: Great John Wayne film, and one he received a Best Actor nomination for.

Charlie B (ca) wrote: this film had a lot of parts that worked well. but what ruined it for me was that one of the characters blatantly gives away the twist early on - she names the killer right before she dies. from then on my experience wasn't so much what was going to happen but waiting for it to be revealed, which isn't nearly as exciting. all director had to do was remove the name from her line, and this would be a 4 star film for me.if you watch, mute it when main character is crawling out of the public bathroom. unmute after the scene and enjoy!