The Broken Shore

The Broken Shore

An evocative crime thriller that captures the chilling action and sharp wit of Peter Temple's acclaimed novel The Broken Shore. In this gripping adaptation, Detective Joe Cashin uncovers a ...

Detective Joe Cashin uncovers a web of lies, betrayal and police corruption in a small coastal town where tensions are at boiling point and the shocking face behind the community';s respectable mask is slowly unveiled. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (nl) wrote: Luis Tosar lo vuelve a hacer. El magnifico actor de "Celda 21" y "Mientras dormias" interpreta de manera soberbia a Jose Crisanto Gomez, el hombre que tuvo a su cargo al hijo de Clara Rojas, una secuestrada por la guerrilla colombiana de las FARC. La cinta de MIguel Courtois nos introduce al infierno de violencia, pobreza y desplazamiento del conflicto armado colombiano, pero la mayoria de los creditos van para Tosar y su personaje humano, triste y patetico.

Pamela Y (fr) wrote: Great movie about hard work, dedication, passion, family, and proving Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule.

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Matt H (gb) wrote: A wonderful little romantic film. Colin Farrell is actually good (!), and Alicja Bacheda is really great at nailing the ethereal qualites Ondine is supposed to possess for most of the film. Alison Barry is great and so cute as the daughter, but I'm not altogether sure if her role as written isn't a little too bit manipulative. Her performance, I think, helps to alleviate those misgivings. Neil Jordan is starting to appear as an underrated director the more films I see of his, and he does a good job here.

Joel A (br) wrote: An incredibly low key charming little about Morgan Freeman playing Morgan Freeman and the relationship he sparks up with supermarket clerk while researching a new Indy film.Both Leads are great but the young store clerk just lights up the screen & really does a great job & not intimidated by Freeman.It's a very simple film that just came & went but is surprisingly enjoyable. Also it was the first film to go online completely free for the public.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Terminal Invasion is your standard (but better than usual) Sci-Fi Channel movie about a group of people stuck in a rural airport during a blizzard with aliens that have taken human form. To make matters more difficult, the group must follow a convicted murderer on death row (the awesome Bruce Campbell) and try to figure out who is alien and who isn't. Pretty standard fare, but it is slightly better than the rest of the muck, thanks in part by Campbell's presence as he plays his convicted murderer character like any other character, full of wisecracks and dashingly handsome. That being said, you'll have to rely on him the most for entertainment as the rest of the cast is pretty bland. The special effects (when shown) are decent as they rely mostly on prosthetics and actual effects rather than an overabundance of CGI. This film is also helped by being directed by none other than Sean S. Cunningham, director of Friday the 13th. The music is also better than average because they've tapped Harry Manfredini (composer for several Friday the 13th films) to compose the soundtrack. Pretty good popcorn flick.

James R (ru) wrote: gay movie with an agenda. not really feeling it. matt newton is hot. michael lerner overdoes it. it has its moments -- but the epilogue is an "over-dramatic" mess. matt newton makes some good political points in the interview though.

Ziqi C (ag) wrote: most retarded movie ever...

Thomas C (ru) wrote: It often tries too hard to be funny, also you won't like the easy way out they take, if you happen to be a... hairsplitter. Still it's visually beautiful and a nice tale for the whole family.

Manny C (br) wrote: In anticipation of Jonathan Demme's upcoming Rachel Getting Married, revisit some of his other modern classics. This one is a comedy telling the true tale of Melvin Dummar who seemingly became the inheritor of Howard Hughes' will. It's an excellent comedy, boasting a top-notch, Oscar-winning turn from Mary Steenburgen.

Allan C (it) wrote: Tom Gries is an underrated western director and this is a pretty fun film, but it's not as good as some of his better films, such as "Will Penny". This film reminded me of Richard Brooks' "The Professionals", but not as good. What's most fun is watching Burt Reynolds, who was then not more than a TV star, steal the show from the top billed Raquel Welch and Jim Brown.

Hugo G (br) wrote: This movie had a great cast starting with Aubrey Plaza, Jason Ritter, Nate Parker and Maggie Grace. But overall all the cast in their respective characters. The story was nothing new, but it created enough melancholic moments to get attached to the characters. Even though it didn't tech the point where it became very emotional and attached to its audience, the story was good itself with a good mixture of drama and comedy. ~September 13, 2014 ~

Logan M (kr) wrote: A remarkable work of art and music, "Across the Universe" delivers bursts of striking visuals and a timeless Beatles soundtrack set against a defining historical backdrop.

Bill T (ca) wrote: Certainly INTENSE drama, one which I took my time, about a month! watching because of it's intensity (Thanks Netflix!).Bradley Cooper is dynamite as Chris Kyle, no doubt one of the top War snipers of all time. His many kills and what he witnesses during the Iraqi war certainly fucks with his head though, Amazingly directed by Clint Eastwood, this one immerses you quite heavily, so think about THAT before you watch this one.

kaleb l (kr) wrote: If you Liked the First Film, Then Give this one a shot, While it is not close to being as good as the First, it is still an Entertaining Film. Full of Action in the second half, and of course Gill Man.Not Much to say in this reveiw besides, Its a worthy Sequal.

Matt G (gb) wrote: An explosive blast of family friendly fun. COULD NOT stop tapping my little foot!

Djohn Nauman J (nl) wrote: Too many hats. I hate a movie with too many hats.