The Bros.

The Bros.

Wannabe "gangsta-rappers" resort to a crime spree in order to come up up with ten thousand dollars in order to finance a studio recording session.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   remake,   drug use,  

Underachieving misfits Pete and Lanny are wannabe "gangsta rappers," who find the constraints of suburbia stifling to their artistic goals. Faced with the obstacle of needing "ten large" to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I am A (nl) wrote: so many bad ones!! the good ones are at the end though

Roy W (mx) wrote: Ragamuffin is a compelling drama that is effective, if flawed. Rich was a close friend of mine. I knew him from college and beyond. The thread the film focuses on is perhaps the major theme in his life. The redemptive arc is both authentic and compelling. His demons are depicted, less so his angels. Rich was incredibly complex. He was playful and impish and significantly less verbally moody than depicted in the film. But, he did have an overwhelming angst--it's just that he mostly didn't talk about it. It came out in his music, in his rants at his concerts, and sometimes late at night over beers (or Long Islands). He was also fun and funny and incredibly irreverent. He loved being radical and controversial. He would say something shocking for mere joy of watching the reaction he would get. He would also give his stuff away. Not just a little bit or it...a lot of it...and all the time. And where ever he went, what he didn't give away, he left. He couldn't remember to take it with him. Stuff didn't mean much to him. He was curious about life; he was always learning and pursuing a million projects and ideas. His sorrow, for the most part, was below the surface. Above the surface was an overwhelming infectious spirit of joy and love and participation in life. Rich was nearly always present. He was passionate and involved. He deeply loved the people in his life and it was easy to become one of the people in his life. But, the darkness was there. It did drive him. And his darkness and longing had little to do with getting the right girl (this is the films biggest trivialization-though he did have some heart-breaking romances). Rich was always "longing for a shelter that is larger than this room." He quietly moved with an understanding that "this world in not my (his) home." If you want to make a movie about his life, then the darkness that he mostly suppressed had to be elevated to a place where it could be seen and redeemed. The film does this well. The movie affects people when they see it. Many are driven to confess, or at least talk about their own imperfection and struggle. Rich was a ragamuffin and so is this movie. Ragamuffin is a flawed, brilliant, inconsistent and ultimately inspiring film. The flaws with the beauty capture the spirit of Rich. It could have perhaps captured him better. There was certainly a whole lot more to his life than what was depicted. But the filmmakers got a good deal of it right. And the parts they got right were among the bits that mattered most.

Simone D (gb) wrote: This film had so much heart and lots of great one liners and characters you just love. It's so much fun and the idea is fresh, and one of the story lines is unexpected and interesting. The acting and improv is just great.

Jonathan R (nl) wrote: This movie was excellent. The reason it doesn't get such good ratings is because it puts Islam in a bad light. A good chunk of the people watching this may be Muslim. So because of their own religious bias, they're going to rate the movie as horrible. But ignore all of that and go ahead and watch the movie. You won't be disappointed.

Crissto D (nl) wrote: this movie is great i see and i like it

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: Saturday.Date: 5 July 2008Amt: 60/-Time: 3.30 pmOver at: 6.15 pmWith: Aiswarya V, Samby, Aishwarya P, Riyaz, Geetanjali, JaitaliSeat No. R101 - R107Theatre: Eros, MumbaiGreat Beginner for Imran. A Sweet Subtle Love Story between the two and great effort by all. The direction could be better but its good for a first time director. Arbaaz-Sohail, Naseeruddin, Paresh rocked in. Genelia was looking sweet.

Vadim D (au) wrote: Adam Brody is likeable but the romance triangle he is involved with seems unrealistic and a bit creepy. What is so special about this guy that the whole family goes gaga over? Especially when they barely know him. This movie is fine and watchable, but the only memorable aspect is how much fun it was to watch Meg Ryan on screen before her radical physical transformation and disappearance.

Jaimie M (ca) wrote: funny moments....overall pretty borrring

Oscar H (it) wrote: ...ret r inom en snar framtid och en epidemi har slagit ut hela mnskligheten. Hela mnskligheten? Nej, i en liten bunker under marken fortstter en liten grupp mnniskor att gra envist motstnd och frpesta fr de slemmiga mutanter som styrker omkring ovanfr. Filmen hade kunnat funka fint om det inte vore fr allt fr mnga direkta stlder av scener frn Alien, och ett monster som bara fr tankarna till en gubbe i gummidrkt. Man har sett allt frr.

Evan J (au) wrote: solid adventure film. probably would have been one of my favorite movies if i saw it as a kid.

Taylor N (us) wrote: Probably my least favorite Woody Allen movie of those I've watched, but it still has some hysterical moments.

Leon B (de) wrote: Best movie of 2005. You will never get such a great cast like this again.