The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks

The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks

John, a new student at an exclusive private school, is having trouble with a group of bullying jocks who are jealous of his friendship with beautiful classmate Mary. He's intrigued, then, when enigmatic misfit Luc offers him a chance to get back at them using witchcraft - but doesn't realise that the price of his new-found power may be his life.

John, a new student at an exclusive private school, is having trouble with a group of bullying jocks who are jealous of his friendship with beautiful classmate Mary. He's intrigued, then, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (au) wrote: Quite a good film and a bit different than the norm.

Jerome P (mx) wrote: And I thought I had it pricey when I was in college. Kids today are doomed!

Walter B (mx) wrote: Do I have to review this movie......... >:-(

Shaun B (de) wrote: Criminally underrated. Sure, it's simplistic and relies mostly on one joke (sa da tay!) but the only real problem is the fact that it drags in some parts (especially just past the halfway mark) which is a bit of a letdown for a movie that only runs a little over 80 minutes. Otherwise if you enjoy Chris Rock, Andy Richter, J.B. Smoove and Louis C.K.'s style of comedy you should enjoy this unless you never seen a blaxploitation flick or you're racist.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Very good depiction of the pre-Beatles Beatles, it flows nicely and the performances gets across a lot of personal feeling.

Adam P (nl) wrote: A pretty awesome piece of smart concept action from Australian genre director Brain Trenchard-Smith, Dead End Drive-In makes society into a microcosm of disenfranchised post-apocalyptic punks willingly held captive in a drive-in theatre. From there the film is free to explore the idea of a man seeking freedom from the complacent masses, as well as compare the fascist comforts of communism with the terrifying realities of democracy. Watch for Trenchard-Smith reel highlights as the "shitty" movies the punks are made to watch night after night.

Millo T (ag) wrote: The character Dersu Uzala is very nice. A pretty message about friendship and nature. I liked specially one shot with a brilliant sun in a black sky. However, it did not convince me very much (too much slow pace for me; main character and intentions is bigger than movie itself). Between 2 and 2.5.

Joe A (ru) wrote: Basically a retread of Beast From 20,000 Fathoms but, set in London. Also has the same director Eugene Lourie. The difference is this creature is dying from radiation poisoning making it twice as vicious and it's ability to emit radioactive waves from it's body make it twice as lethal. The FX are delivered, this time, with contributions from the great Willis O'Brian and the nostalgic charm is ever present. Also amusing to watch London get leveled giving New York and Tokyo a much needed break.

Sarfara A (nl) wrote: Marlon Brando is one of my top-favorite actors. He fills movies with his brilliant performance, or even his presence stirs uniqueness around itsy-bitsy movies. Brando plays Lloyd Gruver a flier in American Air-Force during Korean-War, he is stationed at Kobe (Japan). He falls in love with local Japanese entertainer (Myoshi Umeki). Film is based on the novel of same name by James A. Michener. Marlon Brando plays flier in American Air-Force during Korean-War. It also co-stars James Garner and Myoshi Umeki (she won Oscar for Best Supp: Actress). Film was nominated for nominated in 10 categories, including Best Picture; winning 4.

Spencer H (gb) wrote: The two leads feel like they're actually in love, the movie feels real, it feels like I'm peeping in on a real person's life. There's nothing huge or glamorous about the movie it just feels like two people that are in love and I loved that about the movie.

Darrin B (it) wrote: I really enjoy this movie. I watch it on cablI really enjoyed this movie. I have re-watched it several times over the years

Gareth R (ag) wrote: Herbie Goes Bananas takes a lot of ideas from Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo. It's got too many characters, a foreign location to distract the audience from the wobbly plot, and a crime caper subplot. The only problem is, Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo was a total mess. So why copy it? Unsurprisingly, Bananas is even worse. Poor old Herbie has been abandoned again, and has somehow ended up with losers Pete and DJ, somewhere in South America. They're an insufferably boring pair of doofuses, but don't worry, the film doesn't stick with them for long. Herbie soon meets Paco, a young thief, who robs some criminals and then has to run away from them. (Er, what did he expect? He robbed them!) The film then spends much too long on a cruise ship, at which point Herbie is (improbably) thrown overboard, which would be very sad if previous films hadn't taught us that Herbie could swim. Oh, apparently he can't swim any more. Rusty and ruined, Herbie somehow makes it back to Paco, who - determined to call him "Ocho" for a reason too stupid to mention - continues to evade capture from a trio of amazingly boring and serious villains. Scrambling around after them are Pete and DJ, Aunt Louise and Melissa (a pair of ladies they meet on the boat, the younger of whom wears glasses and fulfills the old Frumpy Until Glasses Are Taken Off cliche), and Captain Blythe (Harvey Korman trying, in vain, to inject some energy into this dull mess). The whole thing drags along, the music ably trying to tell us we're watching some screwball comedy when, really, we're watching a car drive around some manky locations for some reason. It's covered in bananas at one point, hence the title. How hilarious. The plot lurches and jumps, as the villains keep finding Paco (who, remember, is homeless) seemingly by telepathy. There aren't any genuinely funny moments, and one scene - which wholeheartedly endorses bullfighting - is awkwardly horrifying. All the while, poor Herbie doesn't get much more to do other than drive the characters around. It simply isn't very important, or interesting that he happens to be a car come to life. By the time this miserable enterprise comes to a close, you'll be glad it's over. It's one of those films that is so yawn-inducingly flat to sit through, it seems inappropriate to put a lot of effort into reviewing it. So, I'll stop here. This, quite simply, is rubbish.

J L (de) wrote: Nice movie. Kind of a TV biopic, but I enjoyed knowing about this incredible man. Jeremy Irons added a lot.