The Brothers

The Brothers

An orphan wrecks havoc on a remote Scottish island when she causes an age-old feud to be reignited.

The MacFarishes and the Macraes are lifelong enemies living on a remote island in the Western Isles of Scotland. Mary Lawson is a Scottish orphan brought up in a convent who arrives on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Brothers torrent reviews

Kenneth Y (jp) wrote: I love this! The story is simple but fine! You can feel the wounds of the lovers~ =]

Eva O (kr) wrote: It's very in depth, covering many facets of a medium and cultural phenomena, complete with interesting stories from around the world.

Roy C (jp) wrote: Owen and Caleb needed to have make-up sex.


April S (gb) wrote: i like the meaning of the title.

Cindy I (nl) wrote: Sounds too bizarre to miss.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Not a bad family movie. and a little entertaining in places.

Connor B (kr) wrote: Hey, I got a much better title for this film: S**tzilla.

Jason D (it) wrote: In my quest to watch every Chuck Norris movie, this one is easily the worst (best?) I've seen so far. Chuck and his token black sidekick go to Jerusalem to kill Satan's kid, and along the way they stop a Palestinian kid and a Jewish kid from beating each other up. But then the Jewish kid steals Chuck's wallet, so it basically cancelled out the other scene.

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Sam D (kr) wrote: One of my farourite movies of all time! Rodriguez is a legend of over the top cinema! This movie had it all: Thrills, laughs, shocks, chills and of course, just the right amount of blood! :D Sadly I have not had the chance to see the other two of the trilogy, but it is my main movie priority! Johnny depp was brilliant and Antonio Banderas' sweet quest for revenge rivalled Brandon Le''s in The Crow. This movie rocks!