The Brothers Rico

The Brothers Rico

The Rico brothers are mobsters in the employ of syndicate head Sid Kubick. Richard Conte plays the one Rico brother who has forsaken crime. But the other Ricos (James Darren and Paul Picerni) haven't yet seen the light, causing a deep rift in the brothers' family bonds. Conte gets word that his brothers have been marked for murder, and tries to warn them.

A retired mob accountant is drawn back in when his brothers, who have recently made a hit for the organization, decide to go to the authorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (nl) wrote: Sherrybaby is an inelegant gritty drama that let's the main actors show their overlooked best performances. Sure there may be some cliche moments in the film, but I like how it didn't end on a high positive note.Maggie Gyllenhaal was wonderful as Sherry Swanson, a mother who tries to rekindle her bond with her daughter, and loosely, her family. She tries her best for her daughter by playing games and bringing her gifts, but that still doesn't seem to be enough for her foster parents, of which the father is her sister. There was a moment when Sherry asks her daughter to say "I love you, Mommy" near the end, and even if she didn't meant those words, it was enough to warm Sherry's memories. We would look at these sort of people and think of them as bottom-feeders, but if we're given enough insight, we would look at them like we would with everyone else. I even really liked the part when she sang to her daughter a song called "My Little Birdie" at the dinner table and I thought she had a lovely singing voice in that scene.Director, Laurie Collyer, showed hints of Sherry's dilemma, such as her substitute for drugs, and dealing with her brother's disconsanant wife. There are some graphic scenes that may shock you with how Sherry uses her shopworn beauty as an emotional exterior when Collyer could have used it more to point out her melancholy inner state. But we can tell from watching the film that the Sherry character is too disoriented by reality to try and become a good enough person to have a better life.In conclusion, Sherrybaby is those leading-female indie dramas that every actress is given to prove their potential in a movie. Seeing someone put up with so much anger and pain from her past, I have to say is pretty screwed up to revisit them. Maggie Gyllenhaal was uproaring in the role and like to see her do as great in another film as she did Sherrybaby.Give it a watch.

Charlotte B (ca) wrote: 2 * only for the music!

Peter F (ag) wrote: Chris Marker's quasi-documentary (finally having a US release nearly 20 years after its release) is cinema at it's most cerebral and challenging. Applying his aesthetic to the realm of technology, Marker makes progressive claims about mankind's continued reliance on data, while also layering it with a parallel theme involving war. It often will re-iterate things in a seeming-loop, acting itself as a dark matter to the foreboding information sphere that the film addresses, which is a method that proves truly foreboding. It's anything but accessible, but serious appreciators of "film-essays" need to give this film multiple viewings!

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Kelsy M (it) wrote: i watched the 2009 version last week and now this one.the old and new Fame have the same characters only they play different parts, if that makes any sense. like the 'boring' girl meets the gay guy in the hall instead of the pianist that can sing, too. and that girl falls for the "screen-test" line instead of the boring girl, etc. and the comedian comes to terms with his past and his feelings instead of the street kid. weird.this version is rated R - nudity and lots of cussing; the new version has anger and feels less real, more stuffy

Michael O (ag) wrote: Amblin is a unique experience that gives Spielberg fans a chance to see him in his New Hollywood experimental side weaving a road short with the pretensions of a budding auteur. It's like a window to the mind of a filmmaker we never got the chance to see and I'm not saying this short is a masterpiece in anyway but it's a shame this side of him just fizzled away.

Kenneth B (gb) wrote: It's amazing that this is still funny after all this time but that's a sign of genius. Split into to segments, firstly Chaplin a s a waiter who has some interesting ideas as to what the resaurants patrons should be eating and secondly the 'rink' which proves the perfect arena for Chaplin's slapstick.

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Jukka H (ru) wrote: Well constructed eighties horror film with identifiable characters suffers a little from its lame ending but offers otherwise good entertainment.