The Brute

The Brute

Glamour model Diane Shepherd is routinely being beaten by her husband Tim, who accuses her of infidelity. When she can't take it anymore, she finds shelter with photographer Mark and his girlfriend Carrie. They introduce Diana to Millie, who is in a similar situation. Meanwhile, Tim informs Diane that if she doesn't come back to him, he will see to it that he gains custody of their son, Timmy.

Glamour model Diane Shepherd is routinely being beaten by her husband Tim, who accuses her of infidelity. When she can't take it anymore, she finds shelter with photographer Mark and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent T (ca) wrote: Petite comedie francaise romantique sympathique mais tres previsible. Boon est pas trop chiant et Kruger parle admirablement bien francais.

Bryan P (mx) wrote: the first mover was sad

Chris E (us) wrote: The movie was pretty good, but Peter Paige should've let someone else direct it. Kathy Najimy was very good.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Also known as April Fools Day, this is a cheap, poorly acted Halloween rip-off like so many other teen slashers of the 1980s. This one sees bullied school geek terrorising his old classmates at a class reunion. Some of the murders are gory fun, but on the whole this is laboured and laughable. A pedestrian music track my Harry Manfredini of Friday 13th adds nothing. Caroline Munro does the best she can at playing an american teenager (she was in her mid 30s when made this), but like the rest of the cast is mostly wooden.

Van R (us) wrote: Big Hollywood studio movies about World War II grew increasingly cynical during the 197os. WALKING TALL director Phil Karlson made HORNETS NEST, in Italy with Rock Hudson, Sylva Koscina, and Sergio Fantoni, showed what could happen when orphaned juvenile delinquents entered the fray with machine guns and an attitude. Hudson starred as an Army Captain sent to destroy a dam, but the Germans ambush his men after they parachute into enemy territory and wipe them out, so only the Hudson character survives. Meanwhile, the Germans wipe out an entire village of men and women, more specifically fathers and mothers as the partisans and the sons and daughters watch the massacre from afar. The children swear vengeance and rescue an unconscious Army officer before the Germans can take him prisoner. They abducted a female German surgeon to supervise his recovery because they want him to teach them how to use a cache of weapons and pay the Germans back with interest for slaughtering their sires. Initially reluctant, the Army officer realizes that he must accommodate these revenge-bent juveniles if he is going to use them to complete his mission. HORNETS NEST beat the John Wayne western THE COWBOYS to the punch. Since Wayne cannot find any adult cowpunchers to herd his cattle to market, he has to settle for school-age youngsters, literally cowboys, to drive his steers to market. Along the trail, these youngsters grow up and get handy with six-guns, eventually tangling with a gang of rustlers that kill Wayne. Clearly, cynicism is at work in both films as children are indoctrinated into a culture of violence and bloodshed. The amoral quality of the storyline can be measured in the reluctance of the protagonist to train children in the ways of violence, so much so that by the end, he smashes all the weapons that they used against the enemy. The Ennio Morricone theme music with its whistling motif is brilliant. Fantoni is the German officer who knows what the kids are going to destroy and he has to shoot one of his own officers to try to stop the pint-sized raiders.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: It's a big production of a film, but still essentially a minor soap opera with the Duke running a circus/Wild West show. Despite the name of the movie, the traditional circus acts are given nearly an incidental status (except for the clowns) whereas the Wild West portions are shown in their entirety (I wonder why?). But Rita Hayworth as a tortured runaway mom centers and steals the whole magilla, elegant and magnetic in her matronly years.

David M (br) wrote: 1958 take on the Dracula story, which is notable for including both Christopher Lee (as Dracula) and Peter Cushing (as Van Helsing) on the cast bill, and for sticking relatively close to the Bram Stoker novel.It's also interesting to watch from a modern perspective to see how much the art of film making has changed int he years since it's release!

Stephen G (au) wrote: A fantastic movie, often copied, never replicated to this perfection. Gregory Peck is at the top of his game as usual and Audrey Hepburn is amazing for a first timer, although a more experienced Hepburn might have coughed on her cigarette as she said "Nothing to it" The movie is pretty unrealistic, but the motivations and reactions aren't. Also the movie isn't boring. Lots of excitement, more than I expected. And the final scene is one of Gregory Peck's best, melancholy, restrained, and nostalgic. I'm not usually interested in romantic comedies, but this one was good. It was really good.