The Buck Rules

The Buck Rules

Chaos ensues as a group of complete idiots decide the only way they can keep up their life style of staying in, watching nothing but DVDs and eating junk food, is to rob the local bank. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   bank,   gun,  

Chaos ensues as a group of complete idiots decide the only way they can keep up their life style of staying in, watching nothing but DVDs and eating junk food, is to rob the local bank. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grace B (es) wrote: I think I have found a new favorite horror film!

Matt B (br) wrote: Why is the cast never interviewed here? Why are only the crazy fans interviewed? Glee: The 3D Concert Movie has some fun foot-tapping numbers, but it's a huge letdown. There is, for example, a serious interview with a fan who is MADLY obsessed with Heather Morris's character on the show, Brittany. So obsessed is she that while she watches her perform she begins crying and whimpering "I love you Brittany...." And we're supposed to be moved by this? That's just weird. There's a limit to how much silliness I can take in this series. This movie had me rolling my eyes too much.

Ryden G (gb) wrote: I've never seen a movie before where nothing happens. The acting was great, the cinematography was great, the scenery was beautiful, but there was no story. This was almost a documentary.

Kyle C (ca) wrote: Vince Vaughn continues his trend of 1 movie a year and i'm happy to say that this one is very funny, but, it's not Vince Vaughn that's funny, ya, he does have his funny lines, but this one belongs to co-star and co-writer John Favreau, he get's most of the hilarious scenes either by himself or with a co-star but he's always there. The scenery in this one is beautiful, whether the place known as Eden exists or not i don't know, but it was very nice to look at, as for the story, it really sees relationships from all angles, whether it be the happy couple that don't know that there are problems, the couple that know there are problems and yet are still together, the couple that is on the verge of a split or the couple that has already split, everyone can relate to one of these and it really sends a message.

Jonathon M (ca) wrote: Deedlestone! You are dead Dennis Hopper!

Lisa K (us) wrote: Fun chick flick with some brief lesbian action. I'd give it 3.5 stars anyway, because it was still pretty cute:)

PENNY (ag) wrote: i wanna see it again.

Vincent W (ca) wrote: A dark tale of incestuous love between a brother and a sister.

Dan O (nl) wrote: Obvious and pretty damn boring.

Hesham A (br) wrote: Having a female protagonist is always great from Miyazaki, but the film is slow and gets more complicated and confusing in the end.I wish I'd seen that post apocalyptic world rather than following Nausicaa everywhere which she isn't a very captivating character at all.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Cheaply made alien invasion film from slock director Edward L. Cahn. Invisible martians from the moon plan invade earth and plan to colonize (because we'll otherwise destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons). The invisible martians possess dead bodies which then attack the living, which has kind of a zombie vibe to it about 10 years before "Night of the Living Dead" came out. The possessed corpse make-up and their stiff movements even look like the zombies in Romero's first film. The zombies are even referred to as "the walking dead" at one point by the film's over dramatic narrator. Still, they don't fed on the flesh of the living and the film lacks any of the "rules" that Romero set up for his zombies (i.e. destroy the brain to kill the zombie, anyone who dies turns into a zombie, etc.) so no one can make the case that Romero stole from this movie. Overall, this film is super low budget, featuring loads of stock footage (including the classic wreck at the end of "Thunder Road"), a rather uncoupling story, and a generally pretty boring alien invasion story. The story might have made a decent 30 minute "Twilight Zone" episode, but not a feature length film. Probably only worth watching for it's contribution to the zombie genre,which was mainly as an influence on George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" where he created the horror sub genre.

Dillon L (nl) wrote: I used to love this movie as a kid but as an adult it doesn't hold up very good. some great images and Jim Carrey is great but some of the dialogue is cringe worthy

Karin O (nl) wrote: Actually disappointing given the cast

Jason H (gb) wrote: Wanna know what Arnold does "een da mahning, een da aftanooon, and een da eevnin'?" Watch the first 20 minutes. Ba ha ha ha ha ha!

Kyle S (es) wrote: True Romance is clever and original, which is expected from any Tarantino screenplay.

Renee S (kr) wrote: Meaningful historical context of the immigration of Jewish people out of Eastern Europe at the height of immigration in the late 19th century set to some great music. The performance of Topol practically makes the movie by itself.