The Builder

The Builder

Having set out from coastal Queens to the Catskills, an Irish immigrant carpenter finds himself overcome by an inexplicable fatigue.

Having set out from coastal Queens to the Catskills, an Irish immigrant carpenter finds himself overcome by an inexplicable fatigue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (mx) wrote: I was hoping they're gonna have it in flixter. I'm stunned, so surprised Russians made THIS?! Damn, it's one of the best well done, well written movies I've seen lately. Incredible. The story, the direction, photography, MUSIC... Amazing.

Maren S (fr) wrote: This has become one of my all time favourite series. Only wish there were even more:) The acting is superb, Tom Selleck excells once again, as do all the main characters, the music is gorgeous, and one gets a real feeling of being part of that beautiful little town. The characters are multidimensional which makes them so likable and creates such empathy, there is great suspense, yet at a rhythm that lets one relax at night rather get one in fight or flight-mode. I love every single Jesse Stone movie dearly and salute the cast for this work of art! Television at its very best, 100 % quality!

Trey W (ag) wrote: The Smurfs is a movie about the smurf gang going to New York. What is wrong with this children's flick is that this relies too much on comedy than the storyline. Next is the bad cgi animation. The Smurfs may be funny and childish but this is ultimately forgettable. Complete utter crap.

Kenny N (br) wrote: One of the best horror films I've seen in a long time. For 3/4ths of the film, we follow a plucky college student and aspiring journalist Taylor Gentry and her two cameramen as they film a documentary about Leslie Vernon, thought to be killed by angry vigilantes, but now, after many years, he is returning to his old home, where a group of sexy teens are holding a raucous party, to seek vengeance on the children of those who put him to death!...but when you first meet Leslie, he's a charming, intelligent, happy fellow, not a brooding Leatherface-like psychopath (or so it seems.) You see in the universe of this film, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, they're all real, and serial killing, although still technically illegal, can be a viable career operation! But Leslie doesn't want to just knock off a couple of horny teens and then leave. He wants to turn himself into the stuff of legends, like Freddy and the others. He wants a house full of kids from every walk of life (stoners, jocks, nerds, sexy cheerleaders), he wants to kill them all with a hand scythe (significant in his story, watch and find out why), he wants a signature mask and general "look", and, most of all, he wants to be defeated by a survivor girl, his Sally Hardesty, his Laurie Strode, who, by destroying him, will become a better person. All of this is captured by the camera crew, and it's all so funny (believe it or not) and scary, you'll have a great time with it. Adding star power is Robert Englund as Leslie archnemesis ("Ahab," for those in the know), the late great Zelda Rubinstein as a librarian caught in the crossfire, and Scott Wilson as Leslie's mentor. But this film is such a great deconstruction of the slasher genre (and a successful surgical repairing of it into something that stands up on it's own,) you'll want to see it again and again. I sure do.

Lucas Y (ru) wrote: A very beautiful film with a pointless screenplay best describes Northfork. Northfork is more of an art showcase than a movie. The collection of shots is breathtaking. The acting is good, but the characters are so boring. This is one of those film you're glad you watched, but won't ever again.

Marco A (kr) wrote: In the late 80's there was only one musical influence over me. His name was Michael Jackson. But I remember when Rattle And Hum hit the theaters in 1988 and I sort of swore never to see it... It was the total opposite to MJ's magical mystery tour. MJ had Moonwalker and U2 had Rattle And Hum. I chose Moonwalker any day of the week, but needless to say I didn't know what I was missing. I saw the film some 19 years later and this time it won me over - big time! Rattle And Hum has some of the finest U2 live footage ever put on film. If Outside Broadcast never materialises as a DVD or Bluray release, then this is U2 at the to of their game.

Emilie L (de) wrote: film hyper r (C)aliste, poignant, et qui tient en haleine <3 vincent elbaz

Trent R (es) wrote: Terrific exploitation, with Olivia de Havilland tormented by a very young James Caan, his fearsome man-pelt and deranged delinquent posse. Ann Sothern and Corey alternately heighten the stakes as their threatening presence is quickly replaced by the younger breed. It's all surprisingly graphic, but also well produced and tightly paced.

Shane K (gb) wrote: Took them 55 mins into the movie to "skim" over steroids...then never speak of it again in the movie...too bad, would have made the movie better to more truthful

Patrick L (gb) wrote: Things We Lost in the Fire is a stark, yet heartwarming, look at a widow with two kids who reaches out to her husband's lifelong friend who is a drug addict. The widow grapples with grief, loss, anger; the recovering friend accepts her help then tries to help her with her grief, anger and loneliness. 10/10.