The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

An amnesiac youth tries to piece together his past, but what he discovers may jeopardize his future.

An amnesiac youth tries to piece together his past, but what he discovers may jeopardize his future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joetaeb D (ca) wrote: While the laughs are plentiful and Seth Rogen keeps it going, Observe and report suffers from some serious mood whiplashes that normally shouldn't fit in a goofy comedy

Marcel M (fr) wrote: this movie is very very veryyyy awesomeeee

Emma D (jp) wrote: Overlong, but stuffed with proper belly laughs! Way too subjective to truly be a documentary, mind...

Ashley W (us) wrote: It wasn't bad, but it really could have been better if more clever laughs were inserted when needed.

Jen D (gb) wrote: I wasn't sure where it was going at first, but it held my interest. Griffith does a great job of playing a schizophrenic and who can resist Swayze? Joseph Gordon-Levitt also has a small role.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: The idea has worked before, but not in this film.

Paul K (nl) wrote: Peter Mullan in a role reprised 13 years later in Tyrannosaur - even down to the character's name. This is equally raw, and very plausible. There's some humour, some violence, lots of sincerity. A good 'un.

Mike F (fr) wrote: This is, bar none, the cheesiest, most mockable movie I've ever seen. A woman possessed by a knife that turns into an eel and enters her V-hole becomes a killing and sexing machine in a badly dubbed, horrible written mixture of violence and boobage. Legendary.

James H (it) wrote: This is just so bad, I sat in amazement at the crappiness of this film. It has one of the worst scores I have ever heard, the acting is mouth dropping bad. The editing is poor, the story is stupid and it just stinks overall.

Darren R (de) wrote: one of my fav science fiction films of all time and a definite cult classic.

Simone L (kr) wrote: Having seen a revival of this at the Young Vic last year which left me wanting for more because of Julian Ovenden's wonderful portrayal of Frank Butler, I really enjoyed the film version and thought Howard Keel was just as dreamy. Betty Hutton as Annie Oakley was just brilliant casting following Judy Garland's departure.

David A (kr) wrote: although it starts out dull stand up guys picks up the pace farther into the movie especially once alan Arlin shows up, overall this movie is sweet and enjoyable playing off its great chemistry between Pacino and walken

paige s (ca) wrote: love this movie, mainly because it is a true story