The Burning Bed

The Burning Bed

An abused battered wife has had enough of husband beating up on her. Everywhere she turns for help, there's not much anyone will do. After he rapes her one night, she sets the bed on fire with him in it asleep.

After thirteen years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, James Berlin Hughes sets the bed on fire with him in it asleep. After the house catches fire, Hughes drives with her children to the local police station in order to confess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cale B (au) wrote: Surprised reviews so bad on this. I got some good laughs in. It also has some good lessons on setting priorities in life.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Very slow, but I liked the end. Boy, has Mickey Rourke gotten UGLY!

Tom S (br) wrote: The DVD case calling this film a mix between Lost in Translation and Secretary is actually quite accurate. This film is wickedly funny, but kind of brutal to watch at the same time. Most importantly, however, is that it gives us a glimpse into a part of Japanese society that isn't really portrayed in most Japanese movies or films about Japan from other countries. An interesting study on how Western society differs so much from Eastern society, especially Japan.

Scott B (br) wrote: Gigli contains the worst portrayal of a mentally challenged individual I have ever seen, Affleck's worst performance and a peripatetic script. Relative to the star power of this movie, it is the worst of all time.

Kja V (ca) wrote: My favourite film about two czech pilots... Excelent cast(O. Vetchy, K. Hadek) at excelent film...

Jho R (ca) wrote: Started off all right...borders on cliche and clever, but just loses its balance and becomes ridiculous at the end.

David A (br) wrote: it has its moments but overall its not that funny and its kinda boring not de niros best

Matty S (au) wrote: A near perfect film adaptation of the first two books of Gnter Grass' trilogy. There is a great deal going on within the film as it manages to be political, allegorical, surrealistic and almost magical surrealism. Potent and unforgettable. It is important to note that Volker Schlndorff pushes the envelope in many scenes involving a child actor. This film may be a bit too controversial for all tastes, but I love it.

John Y (us) wrote: Really great film that displays the talent from these great actors. Not that historically accurate, but it's still an amazing film.

Mark H (ag) wrote: Very dry, though they did the best they could with the material that they decided to base a movie off of. Very much the same problem with "The Walk (2015)"--great acting and directing but stretching something that really shouldn't be two hours.

Jason H (ca) wrote: Red flags should always go up when the Writer/Director/Producer is also the main actor.

Carolyn A (nl) wrote: It was a good movie but the ending was okay

Jake T (br) wrote: Vertical Limit was an overall great movie that caught me off guard. With a release date in 2000 and the initial film quality when the movie started was displayed, most viewers would have been immediately turned off in this day and age because of the non HD picture and obvious use of greens screening right off the bat. Once the movie began to play out however, the effects began to appear more realistic (especially a scene which included climbers trying to jump off a helicopter onto the mountain in an extremely dangerous situation) and it was enjoyable to watch. There were a few parts where they could have done a better job, but overall it set the stage for a pleasant viewing experience that even people 10 years from now can still enjoy despite the obvious lack of technology that was available to them during shooting. The actors also did a great job in their roles, with everyone getting into their character and acting like professionals should without any of the obvious stutters or poor acting that you see in other movies. Music choice was spot on, dramatic for the dramatic parts and sad for the sad parts. Also no quirky transitions between both music and different clips, the transitioning process was smooth throughout the film. Definitely the most enjoyable aspect of this movie was the action scenes. From being heart wrenching to just violent, each action scene contained all of the elements to make it great. Starting the movie off with Peter cutting his dad loose, it plants the idea in the audience's mind of whether or not they could do that themselves in his situation. After that were just plain old explosion clips to show off the "lovers of violence" who would want some violent scenes to be added to make the movie great. In conclusion I would recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys a suspenseful thriller without the gore of today's horror movies.