The Burning Body

The Burning Body

Márcia discovers that her husband is having an affair and decides to take a trip out into an isolated part of Brazil with little human contact. There she finds a black stallion roaming the fields.

Márcia is a married woman with a son. She finds that her husband has an affair. She cheats him too and decides to go to Itaipava with her son. A black horse, free in the fields, attracts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jan v (fr) wrote: In short: Wonderful film about the dangers of religious extremism, especially when exposed to at the sensitive teenager ageI saw this film at the Berlinale 2014, as part of the official Competition. When reading the synopsis on the festival website, I was afraid at first that the chosen format of 14 scenes with a still camera, numbered and named as per the 14 Stations of the Cross, would effectively work out as a sort of harness. We've seen that many times before, when the format takes over and the contents suffers. Very soon, however, I was put at ease with the opening scene "1. Jesus condemned to death". I could not do anything further than eagerly await the rest of this wonderful film.This initial 10-minute scene foreshadows everything that is to follow. I can say that now in hindsight, since the full extent of whereto this drama is heading, will be gradually handed over in bits and pieces in later parts. The central character is 14 years old Maria, but her hard-lined mother is also a key figure in the drama as it enfolds in 14 distinct scenes. The role of the father figure is next to negligible (even the french au-pair had more lines than he had).Aforementioned first scene shows a priest with a group of 7 boys and girls, sitting around a table, talking about the essentials of what their further life will entail being a true Catholic. They are together in preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, from which moment on they are expected to stand up for their faith, and to defend it against everything that deviates from the Ten Commandments and the Seven Sacraments, and to further uphold everything else advocated by the Catholic church before Vaticanum II (1962 to 1965). A very clear explanation is given about day-to-day practices, essentially resisting all temptations that are laid on your path by Satan. Another topic is bringing small sacrifices, like not eating a cookie, even when tempted while it seems so harmless. Other forbidden fruits are pop, jazz, soul and other such "modern" (not my words) music styles, allegedly all based on rhythms invented by Satan.Main character Maria belongs to a Catholic family of hardliners, members of the Congregation of St Pius XII, practicing the very traditionalistic teachings of this congregation. Aforementioned opening scene makes perfectly clear that Maria is very prepared to take her faith seriously, including the small sacrifices that may bring her nearer to a good place in heaven. In the second chapter, where the family is walking through a park, she considers her coat and sweater as a luxury and takes them off in spite of the cold weather. She also refuses to smile when family pictures are taken. More such things happen, but she does not explain herself. She succeeds in annoying their mother, and thus unwillingly destroys the happy family atmosphere. We see this mother later on as having a firm hand in the religious upbringing of the children, while the father lets it all pass without interfering.Apparently a side role but his importance becomes evident later on, is Maria's little brother who has not spoken a word since his birth. We get some hints that illnesses and handicaps can be "given" to us as a retribution for our sins, or to challenge the strength of our faith. Gradually Maria gets obsessed with the notion that she can trade her life for the benefit of her brother. She ignores everyone saying such a calling lies in the hand of God, and no one can decide that for himself.Each and every scene that follows further portrays the mutual relations within the family, as well as how Maria interacts with others like school mates. The gym class scene may serve as a perfect example. Maria retracts while there is music played she deems belonging to one of the "Satan invented" categories. That is what she tells to the teacher to explain why she does not participate. One of her class mates makes a joke out of it when he subsequently refuses to run in circles while "forbidden by my religion". Others are more constructive by bringing up the notion of tolerance against other beliefs, indeed a good point to make in such circumstances. Exactly like the opening scene, this gym class scene serves as solid proof that a still camera need not be an obstacle for a vivid scene.Not all chapters, however, go neatly along with their respective titles as literally derived from the 14 Stations of the Cross. A few times we feel an inherent shortcoming of the chosen format, being a very good find as a basic idea but the concept shows a few spurious cracks. Nevertheless, it did not hinder me too much, not feeling as a harness when considering the final product overall.Strong performances by Maria as well as her hard-lined mother make this film into an indictment against any too fundamentalistic belief, whether it regards Islam, a protestant denomination, or Catholicism. Tolerance is the key word here, as rightly brought up by one of Maria's class mates. It cannot be that a strict interpretation of religious laws, or the rules imposed by whatever church, are extended to others being no members of that faith. Believers must allow room for other opinions. Strict adherence laid upon outsiders is always a bad thing, regardless of the good intentions of these religious laws. It can lead to extreme actions, demonstrated by Maria in later chapters of this wonderful film. If anything, it offers food for thought (but no solution) how to deal with people who go to any length to impose their beliefs on others. They probably do that with the best of intentions, but the side effects are worrisome. Some people may find that this film has turned religion into a caricature, uncalled for, but I don't think so, especially when reading the newspapers where we read about religious extremism all over the world.

Mandy C (ru) wrote: I went watching this movie with practically no expectations as the CG seems overly done and it just seems like another movie mocking the original "Journey to the West". I do strongly agree it was CG overload. Too much and the chracters derived from the CG simply does not depicts the characters. For instance the "Evil Spirit Tree" figures looks just exactly like "Spawn" Basically, this movie is the modern version of the "Journey to the West", but the moral of the movie is really larger than life. I like how this movie was potrayed in a more humerous manner in the beginning and ended by a more in depth and emotional ending.

Matthew A (es) wrote: Hard-hitting, uncompromising, thought-provoking, moving...those are just a few adjectives that describe this documentary about veterans from the Iraq War.

Lee C (nl) wrote: awesome movie this :-)lol

Sean C (it) wrote: Vibrant film about black teenagers growing up in the Chicago Ghetto, circa 1964. Film had some rough spots, but it was enjoyable most of the time.

Brian K (au) wrote: Wow, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Shawn M (kr) wrote: Wrong in so many ways, but so beautiful. Sniff.

Bryan E (br) wrote: Elvis's Best Acting Performance!

Orlok W (us) wrote: Not everyone marries the Boss's daughter, Mr.Skeffington did not... Davis and Rains make magic once again--A Woman is Beautiful Only When She is Loved... Vanity of Human Wishes & Misplaced Values!!

Gabriel J (ca) wrote: As one whom has worked on the Oscas for 4 years and has worked in the "Biz" for year it's hard to forget the mechanics of how a movie is made.This film made me forget and become immersed in the story... This movie was truly one of the best movies I have seen in a long while. Highly recommended

Candy R (de) wrote: Great cast. A crime scene cleaner gets intertwined in a cover up.