The Burning Train

The Burning Train

The plot revolves around a train named Super Express that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai.

A dedicated railway employee's plan to introduce an express train result in sabotage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shwet J (fr) wrote: average movie, one time watch

Julia B (jp) wrote: Well done. Really makes me think....

Candy N (ca) wrote: loved it! very emotional.....i`m very biased though coz i`m a huge fan of Tom Hardy. mwahhh.xxxx

Alberto R (jp) wrote: A story of obsessive love at first sight. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fun Watch.

Kelly B (fr) wrote: Not for casual consumption, but I liked it.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: "Pacific Heights" is not your typical thriller. It's the only the second time that star MIchael Keaton has ever strayed outside of his comedic comfort zone, but that's only one of the differences here. It's a smart, well-written movie that doesn't rely on a lot of cheap thrills to be successful. The film is reportedly used in classrooms in California educating prospective apartment managers, and that makes it unique as well. It is character and story driven, and Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith are so likable and everyday that you feel for their plight. Keaton is the perfect foil, both mysterious and yet oddly rational. It's a captivating combination, and I was hooked right from the opening moments. Still, under a lesser director, the whole thing would have been for nothing. Acclaimed filmmaker John Schlesinger brings a touch of class to the proceedings and raises the stakes even higher. This is a beautiful looking picture with great cinematography and set designs. Everything that transpires in the film rings true, but you have to wonder. Keaton doesn't pay a dime in rent and shoots his unarmed landlord, but Griffith and Modine only get real help after he steals their bathtub. It makes for an entertaining movie, in any regards. It's still great fun seeing Griffith use her brains to get back at her former tenant, and that would have made a perfectly satisfying conclusion. But it's obvious that some executive wanted some "Fatal Attraction"-style juice, and the standard slasher finale is just disappointing. "Pacific Heights" is better than that, and it should have stayed truer to form.

Micky T (nl) wrote: two kids kidnapped Elvis for they Elvis loving mother.

Mark W (fr) wrote: Short Circuit 2 was a step down from the first because the story just wasn't that strong... That aside; Johnny Five is still a great character to watch (much like Ben) and there is some fun to be had! However I do find it odd that the general public is unaware of the preceding events from the first film (I'd imagine it made the media) because Number Five roaming the streets doesn't cause any alarm with the public and considering he was supposed to be a trained military killing machine...Ah, it just didn't seem like strong continuation!

Grayson W (de) wrote: A fun 80s teen comedy that made an interesting choice by not having a main character or story and opted instead for a snapshot of different teens lives. Sean Penns surfer character is the most memorable, yet no real story arch develops with him, and it actually doesn't need to."This is US History, I see the globe right there"

David L (us) wrote: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is an okay movie with solid performances and a solid third story, but the second story is too short and the first one is forgettable. As an anthology movie, it doesn't work as it isn't thematically connected and not one of these stories is particularly interesting or meaningful.

Ahmad J (ca) wrote: Cher's cameo in the movie is the only thing memorable for me!

Stephen E (mx) wrote: A droll, dreary, and distasteful mess. Violence in cinema is fine, as long as there is reason to use it. Thursday presents brutal violence without reason. It just throws it onto the screen and tries to tone it down by adding a funny joke at the end. That, sir, is not black comedy.

Becky L (ru) wrote: Another quality film to ring in the New Year. Really disappointed there won't be a sequel.