The ButterCream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain

The ButterCream Gang in Secret of Treasure Mountain

ButterCreamer Eldon finds part of an ancient map and becomes intrigued with the search for hidden treasure. Unaware that danger lurks in the shadows, Eldon talks the other ButterCreamers into helping hunt for conquistador gold was a way to help their ailing and needy friend, Mr. Graff. But Eldon almost lets his secret wish for fame disrupt those plans. The Young man must discover something more precious than gold - that being a true hero is often nothing more than caring enough to help someone in need and preserving until that need is met.

Discovering part of an ancient Spanish treasure map, young Eldon Flowers dreams of finding gold. He could be rich, and he could also help Mr. Graff who is about to lose his home. Eldon ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua S (ru) wrote: Creepy dolls - ugh - the cult members are crazy

Paul D (br) wrote: Offbeat existentialist relationship story narrated by a cat. Probably not to everyone's taste but if given a chance it can be rewarding.

Peter N (jp) wrote: What I thought would be a uplifting film full of heart and emotion turns out to be a dull and uninspired plunge into depression. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll just say the end really makes you feel like the whole thing was pointless. Seriously, why even make a movie like this? The romance between the two main characters is kind of boring, and one never really feels like it's truly meant to be. This makes the motives of everyone involved seem meaningless as well.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: This is currently the film to see, & definitely packs an all-too-real punch. Shot through a video camera which starts off taping testimonials at a friends leaving party the night before he moves to Japan, the sudden attack on New York & subsequent bombardment of debris & Liberty's decapitated head, evokes stark contrasts with 9/11 in a far more effective way than what has gone before in recent years (i.e. 'War Of The Worlds'), adding another layer of chaos, confusion & fear. However, the film does have it's problems. Halfway through the proceedings the narrative takes on a more obviously planned & scripted tone (diverting away from it's original 'cinema verite' intentions) when four of the party survivors set out on a rescue mission to find an ex-girlfriend who may or may not be alive. The lead characters' blind, senseless & misguided heroism is matched only by their annoying & ignorant personalities. 'Hero' Rob appears more concerned over his mobile phone's battery running out rather than the death of his brother, & Hud's (the guy holding the camera) endless stupidity is continually apparent from his inept dialogue & lack of ability to so much as hold a camera (particularly at the party, long before the turmoil even begins). Despite these problems, the 'mission' or journey is worth the effort if only to witness some spectacular set-pieces, such as the army's all-out blitz on the monster just before you enter the subway, & the first clear enough shots of the before-mentioned leviathan from atop an about-to-collapse apartment block & through a helicopter window. Had the characters not been so shallow & tiresome (as is always the case in movies such as these), & their 'rescue mission' not so contrived, the film would be far more formidable in it's execution. But it's definitely worth watching if only for the set pieces & tension that builds around the films development before you see the beast (harking back to such 'monster' classics such as 'Jaws' & 'Alien').

Mats V (gb) wrote: They way they animated the characters was certainly interesting, but at the same time left them rather wooden and stiff. Therefore it was very hard to become really engaged with the story.

Jordan A (br) wrote: Only problem is the teenager cast there are the most annoying people ever

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Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 89%Watched this on 28/3/15"The ending is bad!" seriously "the ending is bad", fucking bullshit. This is why I hate critics, so ignorant and arrogant. Pay it Forward is a film that tries wholeheartedly to avoid itself from being a cloying treacle picture and it succeeds. It's got a sensible emotional story and I find not even a single bad moment or boring instance here. To add fire to all this, it has some great performances from Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt.

Dilhara A (es) wrote: moving. heart wrenching. incredible! really really sad as well.

Glen R (it) wrote: This movie still stands up

Penny K (de) wrote: Excellent detective story ... especially disturbing when you know that it was banned in Germany even before it was released because Goebbels was concerned that its message might be detrimental to the new regime.

Roderick S (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies. The movie has action and humor.

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