The Butterfly Murders

The Butterfly Murders

A journalist attempting to solve a mystery in "Martial World" enlists the aid of a master fighter and a woman named Green Breeze. They go to a mysterious castle where they come across poisonous butterflies and a black-leather-clad killer.

A journalist attempting to solve a mystery in "Martial World" enlists the aid of a master fighter and a woman named Green Breeze. They go to a mysterious castle where they come across poisonous butterflies and a black-leather-clad killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (us) wrote: Great story. Would definitely recommend.

Fabio V (it) wrote: low budget film. The only entertainment part of the movie is Will Ferrell speaking okay Spanish, and that cheesy scarface recreation scene.

Jennifer B (kr) wrote: Fun idea but pretty hampered by poor script and low budget. First of all, take note, filmmakers, if every person onscreen is wearing the same camo clothing, and even paintball masks for the first 30 minutes, it's pretty hard to get to know them as individual characters! Also, the shaky-cam was unbearable! I don't even think it was on purpose, just a guy running around with a camera and a terrible sense of balance. Next time give the camera to the guy who doesn't spill his coffee all over the place ok? Gets a star for being unpredictable. Protagonist is not who you expect by the end. Lame bad guys though :/

Jim H (au) wrote: This documentary is relatively even-handed as it presents Harlan Ellison, a prolific, important, but impishly angry writer.There are several laugh-out-loud moments of the cringe humor ilk as we listen to Ellison rant about fans, writers, Hollywood, politics, and writing. I enjoyed listening to much of what he had to say, but I don't think I could stand to be in the room with him unless I knew that he liked me and was unarmed.

Julie M (de) wrote: Completely out of touch with anything real.

Nicola P (nl) wrote: I didn't like this film as much as there other film. It seems rushed with no effort at all.

Nick M (ag) wrote: A strange and very obscure Japanese comedy that opens with an amazing anime credit sequence only to have the rest of the live action film not live up to the violent promise displayed by its titles.

Claudette A (ru) wrote: A bad war movie. I give it that.

Colin S (it) wrote: My expectations were possibly a little higher, seeing as the book is one of my favourites and I saw the stage play three times. As it is, the movie is slow-to-dragging pace-wise, perhaps trying to capture the languorous nature of east-coast-Australian share-housing, but in combination with a throughline peppered with non sequitur dialogue, the whole thing could come off as a brilliant arthouse film if only it were in a foreign language. Noah Taylor is interesting to watch as he stumbles through his own numbness but the emotional outburst at top of his arc feels unsatisfying. Hamilton, Bohringer, and Menglet do better jobs individually.

ange m (nl) wrote: I LOVE IT! jared leto is effin hot in it!

Tony (ru) wrote: Annoying mimes are cooooool!!

Senor C (au) wrote: Rolling Vengeance is a nice little slice of Canuxploitation w/ that fine fine flavor of hickploitation thrown in. This could actually be a great little double bill w/ Baker County, U.S.A. Hick bar own Ned Beatty (who is always great) boys kill Don Michael Paul's ma & sisters by drunkenly running them off the road. Of course they get off & pa Lawrence Dane kicks some ass. They fucking kill him too. Don Michael Paul does what anybody fueled w/ revenge does by making a giant monster truck & runs their asses down..but not before they rape his girlfriend. Every mother-fucker must become roadkill then. Actually a lot of fun & really find in the revenge genre. Literally unheard of mostly thanks to it being Canadian made. If you like this kind of shit it's more then worth seeking out & truthfully not really that hard to find. I found it on youtube after the fact

Roshan D (kr) wrote: MOVIE - "CHASME BADOOR"- ROMANCE AND COMEDYHow's the movie????... certainly saw it today and i quote "PAISA WASOOL MOVIE" full on entertainment with funny dialogues , n good performances are the good points the more important movie the whole movie dialogues are dragged by the boys which makes me little bit nausious frankly , no fights , no masala , songs in unnecessary situations dragging the movie cant blame them though the movie is not meant for that kind of audience in the end GOOD JOB DAVID DHAVAN

Charles P (au) wrote: Who came first, Gene Evans as Sgt. Rock or the comic book Sgt. Rock? I bet there's a lot of Sgt Rock's, as it's a good name for a Sargent. Maybe not so much for officers.