The Cabin

The Cabin

A pair of single parents, who have each brought their children to a remote Scottish resort for an annual family-and-games event, are accidentally booked into the same cabin. Naturally, they can't stand each first.

The film tells the story of two single parents (Lea Thompson, Steven Brand) and their children who must share a cabin while visiting Scotland. Naturally, they can't stand each other... at first. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan T (es) wrote: A fun children's film,nothing more,nothing less.

Vasco M (au) wrote: It seems only the make-up effects and the credits track - courtesy of Slash - are worthy of any commendation. Mediocre plot, mediocre cast, mediocre dialogue, mediocre delivery, mediocre effects... Nothing that elevates it above the rank of amateurish. On a side note, Jennifer Stone is the only believable actress involved, in no small part due to the lack of any other serious acting talent involved.

Alicia B (jp) wrote: Good watch!! Not the first film I'd pick out to watch, but not my last choice either!! I like the storyline and investigation into the darkness of man.

Sean S (fr) wrote: Ken Foree is back! After being out of a lot of action since the original Dawn of the Dead, he is back with a vengeance! For not much expectations leading up to watching this Yugoslavian-made horror, it ended up astonishing me with a decent cast of misfits, good story writing, and decent gore. If you aren't from the former Republic of Yugoslavia (not that it isn't in English), I don't know how much one would care to watch this, but I, for one, liked it and if you are any kind of Zombie Fanatic, you'll see it, too!

Jacob M (nl) wrote: looks interesting and, hopefully, eye-opening.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Weird, boring, pointless...Add to the stew the fact that you can't understand what the characters are saying half the time, Sukiyaki Western Django is a torturous affair.The first hour feels like 10 days...And even the inclusion of Quentin Tarantino in key places can't save this piece of shit. You can't relate to the characters because you can't understand or connect to them in any way.Takashi Miike needs to think about exactly what he has achieved here...Which is frankly not alot.

Christopher N (fr) wrote: I need to ask kevin about the vietnamese word for "historically accurate"

David D (au) wrote: This movie basically stole ideas from a bunch of other Korean Movies. However, they were the best parts of those other movies, making this a 4.5 out of 5! :)

Wade H (ru) wrote: Furlong tries, but is underwhelmed with a retread plot and useless violence.

Lawrence A (de) wrote: Miss this film. Will re-watch it come weekend.

Robert I (nl) wrote: Again, not the best of Stallone's career. This was the beginning of the end of phase I.

Josh M (de) wrote: Cliched late 1980s horror with mild scares and gore. Night of the Demons nailed the cheesy dialog and unnecessary nudity, but did not fulfill in any other category.

Daryl K (it) wrote: A pretty stagey adaptation of a pretentious stageplay, but Bogart's magnetic performance as Duke Mantee is required viewing. It made him a star, kids. I also admit to a fondness for Leslie Howard, but I get that not everyone feels that way. Bonus points for being early enough in Bette Davis' career that she was still cute, less annoying, and didn't take herself as goddamn seriously.

Frecissimo S (ca) wrote: If all this girls, I may say the movie is old but the ladys a gorgerous.

Bill B (au) wrote: I'd actually compare this to something like Lustig's Maniac, in that it's a slow character study rather than the typical horror film, but it lacks the sheer craziness of Joe Spinell's performance. There's one truly unsettling kill, then the film meanders around for another 45 minutes or so with only a few hallucinations to hold the audience's interest.It's an okay watch, but nothing I'd recommend to the average viewer.

Kadeem S (es) wrote: The reason why I really hate Double Dragon is that the series is overrated, the characters are way too creepy, and the movie is borderline bad. One of the worst diabolical video games turned into a movie of all time. I still don't know why Alyssa Milano is in a crappy movie in the first place.

Neil M (au) wrote: Seen it a few times and it really does bring back those days, with a certain theatrical license in order to tell a good story. We should never forget what has transpired in our times.