The Caiman

The Caiman

A skewering of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

A skewering of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrin R (fr) wrote: This was a movie with good promise that came out lame. Casting was probably the best part of this film. It was a little quirky and funny at times though.

James L (it) wrote: Alamar is a beautiful and simple film without pretention; and reinforces that good cinema doesn't have to be complicated for it to be inspiring and entertaining.

Latasha M (es) wrote: Excellent documentary. Even Goebbels would have thought so!

BRUNO V (ru) wrote: Bad acting sometimes is funny to

Kaywen A (br) wrote: Flawed but possessed with an undeniable spirit of adventure and wonder, this movie inspired me to write as a child and still holds up as one of my favourite movies today.

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Tim W (fr) wrote: Beautiful love story takes place in Paris's notorious metro system through Luc Besson's lenses. Simple and strange with Isabelle being the most beautiful lady on screen, with a punk attitude.

Jim H (br) wrote: A turn-of-the-century singer manipulates various gangland suitors.In an iconic role, Mae West saunters her through this film. She creates an attitude but not a character, and the film highlights her charisma, delights in her wit, and revels in her schemes. The rest of the characters, even the vaguely racist portrayal of Lady Lou's dressing maid, are window dressing as West chews scenery. It's a performance that is more ambiance than storytelling.The film's plot unfolds predictably, and though the chemistry between Cary Grant's character and Lady Lou is palpable, the romantic undertones of their relationship are revealed more by the skilled actors than by the script.Overall, the atmosphere West creates is alluring and a little fun, but the film feels incomplete to a modern viewer.

Bill B (jp) wrote: Finally gave this a look with the wife and another couple, and I have to say that I really dug it quite a bit. Channing Tatum has begun to really win me over with a series of serio-comic roles, and this really went a long way towards cementing that as he carries the film with his dream of something more than the partying lifestyle he's using to make ends meet.It's good stuff, and if you'd told me I'd ever in a million years give a shit about a movie about male strippers, I'd have probably told you that you were out of your fuggin' mind, but here we go, with numerous re-watches, including turning other people on to it along the way.Recommended.