The Call

The Call

Jordan Turner is an experienced 911 operator but when she makes an error in judgment and a call ends badly, Jordan is rattled and unsure if she can continue. But when teenager Casey Welson is abducted in the back of a man's car and calls 911, Jordan is the one called upon to use all of her experience, insights and quick thinking to help Casey escape, and not just to save her, but to make sure the man is brought to justice.

A veteran operator for an emergency call-center, Jordan saves lives daily as part of her job, but when a young woman's frantic report of a prowler ends tragically, Jordan realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon E (es) wrote: An hr and a half with approx 60 seconds of bemused chuckling and thats about it. Depsite the natural appeal of Zac and Kendrick this comedy just comes of lazy and nonsensical.

Sue K (mx) wrote: An odd look at human ego, via the perspective of their relationship with horses. Really enjoyed this

Walter M (ag) wrote: "Hide Away" starts with a man(Josh Lucas) arriving at a marina to buy a boat. Unfortunately, it turns out to be something of a fixer-upper, leading him to have much less fun than the other man(Jon Tenney, of "Maxwell & King) there in the midst of a midlife crisis. Of course, the drinking does not help. Yes, "Hide Away" can be something of a slog, especially early on, as it is never any fun watching a character trying to drink himself to death. But with a little help from a good supporting cast that also includes Ayelet Zurer and James Cromwell, the movie gently shows how none of us are ever as alone as we think we are. Plus, I again admit my fondness for Josh Lucas, along with the area of the country where this movie was made.

Simone H (au) wrote: Thanks so much for posting your reviews of AFTER THE WATERFALL. Re: Glen's review - the key cast for the film are in fact ANTONY STARR (John Drean), and SALLY STOCKWELL plays his wife (Ana). DAN BROAD and VICKY HAUGHTON are also fabulous but in supporting roles. AFTER THE WATERFALL is a New Zealand film (we don't have a Royal Shakespeare company here! But we do have awesome acting talent). Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback. Kind regards Simone Horrocks (director of ATW).

jerrell g (us) wrote: movie was good, Bet needs to start running it!!!!!

Claigh Y (gb) wrote: * A fascinating insight in to the mind of a killer, which shows both the subjects surprising humanity, as well as her supposed insanity. * Felt that Broomfield did well to be compassionate for the situation without being patronising. * Offers an interesting perspective on the American justice system

Hunter H (us) wrote: I'm sorry I just don't find the Lara croft movies good I love Angelina just not Lara croft

Scott A (ag) wrote: Pretty good 'beast' film that I have always wanted to see and after many years, finally got it done. The movie is all over the place genre wise, as it starts as a horror film and then turns into a martial arts one and then a period piece, etc etc.I wish the witch actress and Bellucci didn't look so much alike, as I kept confusing them. And what was Bellucci's point exactly? To show her great body off? Cause they lead guy seemed to have a love story going on with the cute blonde, but also with her?I also didn't get the whole reveal, maybe I missed it, but how did the bad guy look like who they did, if they weren't really them?It's weird cause you don't see the beast for the entire first hour, but when you do you wish it wasn't shown so much anymore. Awful CGI.But it was a nice story and I loved the political corruption angle. Just wish it wasn't so long and the beast didn't look so awful.

Sein K (fr) wrote: Not good at all. Peebles is great though, but that's it.

Bruno L (es) wrote: The best part is the end when Robert DeNiro goes on trial to defend his rights as an American citizen. The rest of the movie it just shows the FBI ruining with his life; nothing special.

Nathan T (fr) wrote: This had all the right ingredients for a great late 80's slasher but when the killer shows up it all goes downhill. It was cheap and cheesy and had some funny moments, but the killer is just ridiculous! He can teleport himself! Thats not a slasher killer in my books thats a supernatural killer. So had they of left out the supernatural crap it would of been a decent cheesy slasher.

Pierluigi P (fr) wrote: Far from Truffaut's best films, but still a very nice and funny recollection of the romantic and ultimately sad story of a daring womanizer in the search for the meaning of love.

Hytham E (au) wrote: How a person can overcome an apparent unbearable situation!

Ahmed M (nl) wrote: Hotel Transylvania is a nice movie to watch if you just want some humor, here and there, but if you are also looking for a good story, you might want to pick another movie.

Darren W (jp) wrote: Average action comedy