The Caller

The Caller

Jimmy Stevens, a senior VP at an international energy firm, blows the whistle on his company's deadly and corrupt practices in Latin America. Knowing he will be assassinated for his betrayal, he places an anonymous call securing the services of private detective Frank Turlotte to trail him from a distance.

An energy business exec is assisted by a private investigator in his effort to expose his corporation's corrupt practices. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nguyen Thuy H (it) wrote: Sometimes, I have to sigh that I am compelled to make allowances on certain cases, and this is one such instances. I am not whole-heartedly positive about this film, but then, would it be too convenient to reduce the two leads to such archetypes as in the case of Happy Together, for example? Fact, the two main leads here are not very blurry in their characterizations. The story jumps from one place to another with very little stable ground to hold on to. But then, there are pretty powerful moments. For all of its lack of tidiness, Keep The Lights On works because it displays a potent understanding of the elements that gel a relationship together, but at the same time, endangers it.

bill s (fr) wrote: Asks alot of questions but answers none.Young talented cast that was given nothing to work with.

Abid H (fr) wrote: pretty standard in plot and dialogue but is directed well and everyone puts in a decent performance.

Kavin K (ca) wrote: I was genuinely surprised by this. Dawkins chooses a good variety of people to represent Judaism, radical Islam, and several sects of Christianity. The interviews are sort of off the cuff but they are honest and feature no split scenes from what i can tell which offer accurate interviews.For being an Oxford professor this sure has no academic value whatsoever. Opinions are all that are spoken here, no evidence presented for any side presented.

Benedict L (gb) wrote: lot of copycat, yet the production is great at such low cost

Alejandro R (us) wrote: Brilliant! What else can I say? Daniel Day-Lewis delivers another stellar performance, but this one much earlier in his career. He really does wonders in front of the camera.

Fayal M (fr) wrote: Mellow Giallo... Not one of Bava's best but definitely worth watchin!

Martin T (ag) wrote: A young man leaves the orphanage and ends up in a shantytown the same day. His charm and ability to unite people brings new life to the place... until the capitalist fatcats step in. Part Capra, part Chaplin, part absurdist magic realism. But is it funny? Yeah it is, for the most part. Some of it is a little on the stupid side, and the one-dimensional social commentary is hardly biting satire, but it has a pack of delightful tricks up its sleeve.

Greg N (au) wrote: OK movie. Spent most of the time not caring about any of the character's stories though.