The Calling

The Calling

On her wedding night, a young woman conceives a child during an hallucinatory encounter. Several years later, as her friends and family begin to behave strangely, she pieces together clues that lead to one conclusion...her son is the Antichrist

A woman is used as a pawn to bring to fruition the rule of the Antichrist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al H (nl) wrote: A movie not so bad as 11/11/11 and 12/12/12

Kristan O (fr) wrote: It's the Trinity formula- a spaghetti western made in the 21st century. Unlike the older movies, Terrence Hill isn't dubbed over- you actually hear his heavily accented delivery. The movie is slow, but still witty and fun provided you don't want a deadly serious drama. There are definitely worse ways to spend an evening.

Hon ImMelme (es) wrote: Good show. I enjoyed the acting and surprising humor. Nice little cameo by Scott Hamilton.

Jesus H (gb) wrote: aaa too bad for me is just stupid

Michael H (us) wrote: The accents are so realistic and thick that it's occasionally hard to understand. The brothers Affleck do an amazing job with really tough subject matter. You leave asking questions about what's morally right and wrong. Great stuff.

Ella S (it) wrote: My Favorite Movie!!!!!!

Nicola W (br) wrote: This film is called Four Christmases but for some reason on herr its called something else. Anyway it started off really cheesy but once they started visiting the families it was hilarious. I laughed out loud lots. You can't choose your family ay. Funny.

Trisana C (ca) wrote: A romance?! No THANK YOU!!!!

Alex S (us) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen (and I saw plenty of them). Not for everyone, though.

Samantha B (ca) wrote: its a classic i cried

Jonathan S (de) wrote: As cool as the title sounds. Maybe better than the first one. Once again the slightly overweight vengeful Itto Ogami wanders the countryside with his infant son, Daigoro, in a baby cart FULL OF WEAPONS and together they kill anyone who gets in their way.

Derrick C (ag) wrote: While not amazing by any means, this is an entertaining thriller with some nice twists and turns. Susan Strasberg is hot as always, and Lee puts on the worst French accent I have heard in a while.

Jon F (au) wrote: totell copy of of jurassic parks

ken k (nl) wrote: Just to see these 2 great entertainers together is worth the price of admission. Pretty stock stuff here but in the hands of Keaton and Douglas all that mattered was the chemistry and to see them do what they do. In a word, Pleasant!

Trey L (ag) wrote: This is one of the classics of the golden age of 1970s TV horror flicks, right up there with the films of Dan Curtis and the early work of Steven Spielberg. This one is pretty effective, and certainly makes the most of its limited budget. Ultimately it falls squarely in the realm of the 'hysterical woman in an Old Dark House' subgenre (or is that a sub-subgenre?) and is bolstered by the performances of Kim Darby and Jim Hutton. The big-screen remake is out this weekend, but this original is well worth checking out.

JeanPol C (it) wrote: Awesome is this superb comedy

Ryan C (de) wrote: The Fault In Our Stars Benefits From It's Down To Earth And Serious Tone, Great Performances, And It's Deep Metaphorical Subtext.