The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

Glimpses of Chaucer penning his famous work are sprinkled through this re-enactment of several of his stories.

Glimpses of Chaucer penning his famous work are sprinkled through this re-enactment of several of his stories. A host of passionate lovers unite for a glorious, sometimes unexpected journey through Chaucer's medieval England. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry K (mx) wrote: Political SF for thinking adults. Well paced, superbly written. Can't wait to see the sequel.

Barney o (nl) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Better than it's predecessor, 'Johnny English Reborn' loses (some of) the stupidness of the first. Thus we can relish in the humour when it's there, but still have care for the improved plot and supporting charactersWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It's nothing particularly inventive and Rowan Atkinson isn't utilised to his full potential, but for what it is it's pretty goodVERDICT: A great spy spoof that will have you laughing throughout. This improves well over it's average predecessor.

Brandy C (gb) wrote: If you want an hour and 19 minutes of pure boredom, then this is the movie for you.

Chris P (ru) wrote: Narc. The film that almost did not get made, but thanks to people like Ray Liotta investing their own money into the film, it still made it to theaters and was anything but a let down although very few of us actually went to see it. It is probably the most underrated movie that I love, and I really love this movie. A lot of people might take issue with the story feeling somewhat familiar, but it never directly copies another film and still takes time to relish in smaller details to keep you engaged with the characters. It is a dark story about undercover police work and the true pleasure in watching this film comes from Ray Liotta's performance. I am a big fan of Liotta and honestly I feel this film holds his best performance ever. Jason Patric does a great job here but honestly the second star of the show is the editor. Major credit should be given to John Gilroy who has since gone on to edit the amazing "Warrior" and many other excellent films. His clever cutting makes for one of the most intense opening scenes put to celluloid, as well as a really cool shot montage that somehow managed to not feel stale. This film also introduced the world to Joe Carnahan who I felt took a complete nose-dive with Smokin' Aces and The A-Team. Luckily, there was somewhat of a return to form with The Grey. If you have already seen The Grey and did not like it, there is a good chance you would not like Narc either. However Narc is a far superior film in my opinion. Narc also has the advantage of not having a trailer that completely misguides the audience (I'm looking at you shot of Liam with broken bottles taped to his knuckles). Either way I think Carnahan should stick to making "winter" films because he has an eye for grim, snowy films whether they are filmed in a forest full of CGI wolves or a concrete jungle full of unsavory characters. Here's to hoping this film actually makes it on Blu-Ray!

Chad H (de) wrote: I chose to watch this movie on demand very late at night one day. The idea caught my attention, some adrenaline junkies looking for a thrill decide to chum the water in order to attract sharks to boost the extremes of surfing. But when a 30-foot Crocodile is thrown into the mix. Now I thought since this was in the year 2000 that there would at least be a cheesy animatronic, which really adds to the B horror movie appeal. However to my surprise, the Crocodile appeared in a clash of horrible CG. Now giving this film a 30% does seem somewhat generous but it was entirely for the originality of the plot. Another problem I had with this film was the incredible amount of problems and stock footage. The scenes would cut to swamp, to ocean to lake. It was horrible to watch them try to cover these flaws up. The scenery did not even seem to hide the fact that the backgrounds were incredibly different. Another little problem I had with this flick was the vast amount of topless woman. It was as if they popped their tops purely to please the viewers. This movie even uses the oldest of horror movie tricks, kill the females and give us a douche of a main character that just wont die until the end of the movie is close. And even towards the end the topless women still appeared. In one scene the two women who have made it all the way without dying flash their breasts and scream out "Fuck you Alligator". I had a major problem with that, first of all it's a Crocodile not an Alligator. The cast could not even get the right species correct. And secondly, why are they taking their tops off for an Crocodile. It makes little to no sense. Overall, this movie is bad, it's filled with holes all throughout the flick. It's not even worth viewing, there really is nothing that makes this movie worth watching unless your a horny adolescent who gets off by watching flat chested women take off their tops.

Jeff R (br) wrote: what would you do if you went on a scavenger hunt and the grand prize was $200 million?

Peter S (ru) wrote: An excellent sports comedy! Perfect for anybody 15 and over and who like comedy!

Byron B (ru) wrote: won best British film from BAFTA

brain m (au) wrote: This movie does a good job of combining a few different types of horror: the haunted house, time slip, displacement from society, murderous family... While these are familiar motifs, the combination gives us a relatively unique story.Atmosphere and tension are well maintained, with only a few incidents where effects detracted. The casting is solid; kudos for not making this some hot Yong supermodel. I wrote enjoyed that some of the correlations evolved over the course of the film, and also that the film didn't hand out all the answers... Good horror should leave you trying to put together the pieces, IMO.Is have seen this in a theater, and not felt my time was wasted. If you have Hulu or Netflix, and like a good rainy day horror flick, pop yourself some popcorn and give this a go.

Oscar P (fr) wrote: Cool relaxing non-stress movie for a rainy day.

MickTesso O (mx) wrote: Better than the piece of shit that Shrek 3 was.

Monny M (kr) wrote: Saw this with the kids. Pretty good.

Natalie F (br) wrote: Such a strange movie I'm confused why I watched it

Per Gunnar J (ca) wrote: The plot of this movie is not exactly a new one. Robots created by humans, created to learn, decides to do things their way. The way of robots is usually detrimental to the health of any humans nearby. When the robots in question happens to be combat robots then shit is about to hit the fan ... big time!It sounds pretty good. The problem is that I found the implementation rather mediocre.It starts off looking rather good with scenes of Mills in the company head quarters and a few cool scenes showing off her eye implants. The movie then moves on to present the military squad that are about to have an unpleasant first hand experience of the "robot way". Unfortunately the writer fell for the all too boring and cheap plot element of making the commander an asshole who looks down on anyone who is not a marine grunt. Sigh.Then it is quickly off to the island training facility. After the obligatory banter between the marines and Mills in the rather bizarre and not very believable transport ship it is time for some action as the marines deploy.The rest of the movie is pretty much a long sequence alternating between shot outs between the troops and the robots and moments of reflection. The behavior of this so called elite marine squad is amateurish. The robots are underwhelming. What especially ticked me off was that the robots did not seem to be able to hit anything except by pure luck. And these were supposed to be high tech stuff. The marines even use simple smoke to evade them. What the fuck? Advanced killer robots in the future that relies on visual and cannot shoot straight? That is disappointing to say the least.Of course there had to be a big shootout in the end. Unfortunately it was just more of what we had seen before. Robots shooting, and missing, wildly. The marines killing them off in rather large, but not sufficiently large, numbers. Finally someone thought about using EMP charges. However here the writer comes up with another stupid plot element. Implants that were not immediately hurt by an EMP pulse but would slowly degrade afterwards and, just for good measure, erase the human memories of the implanted person as well. Contrived and stupid as far as I am concerned.The end? Well about as meh as you could expect from a low budget sci-fi/horror movie wannabe. The movie was not outright bad and it did have some interesting ideas but it was pretty clear that it was on a budget with constraints. The writing, the robot designs which seemed to be done by someone caring only about visual appearance and not if the design actually made sense, dragged down the movie.

James B (br) wrote: If you have not seen this Afghanistan war movie you NEED TOO.... Wow, I watched it poolside in Jamaica and well that only helped elevate this and put things into perspective. Thinking of all those who sacrificed so much to keep us free, so that we can enjoy vacations, freedom and the lives that we have!