The Canyons

The Canyons

The discovery of an illicit love affair leads two young Angelenos on a violent, sexually charged tour through the dark side of human nature.

When Christian, an LA trust-fund kid with casual ties to Hollywood, learns of a secret affair between Tara and the lead of his film project, Ryan, he spirals out of control, and his cruel mind games escalate into an act of bloody violence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig F (fr) wrote: "I think we all want to be happy more than we want to be in Swedish House Mafia." Anyone in a band should see this. The guys are funny, the music is the best, and the experience is memorable. Insightful and visually stunning, 'Leave the World Behind' does a fine job of expressing the reason behind the splitting up of the most important EDM group of all time.

Liam C (us) wrote: We all know the drill, it's a Home Alone film that isn't the first one, so it's gonna be godawful isn't it? Actually, would you be surprised to hear that it was not only not painful, it was actually very enjoyable? Well, I was, while it is a Christmas film and I always have a weakness for them because they're usually cheesy and very silly but it's Christmas, so who cares but this film was fun. Firstly, it was well acted which was a surprise because everyone could have phoned it in and literally no one would care because they'd have made the movie anyway. It was funny; yes, some of the non-slapstick jokes were very funny and I laughed out loud about three times, jokes that usually require any wit in these kind of films just make you cringe, but no, this was a funny film. It had a heart; this film really cared about its characters and showed some sides to children that we don't usually see, namely the online friend thing, just because you haven't met someone face to face does not make them any less of a real friend and it deals with that issue quite well, while also making a couple of jokes, which did make me laugh also but it's all in jest. The other characters get development too but the main boy does because he's the main character. I know I already said this but the acting was great but from the main child star was great. He was very very good and carried the movie greatly, while the traps he sets up are clearly more advanced than they would be if a 10 year old made them (like in all the movies) but he acts like a real boy, he isn't a saint but he's not painfully annoying. I liked him. And another main reason is the whole theme for them being 'Home Alone' was actually believable, it wasnt the very stupid they left him at an airport, no matter how good the first Home Alone is, the parenting in that film is just laughably inept and I don't know any mother who would act like that. Another pleasantly was Malcolm McDowell, he's always worth a watch and him and his fellow treasure hunters, well, that's what they were, they weren't really bad guys, played off each other well getting up to various shenanigans. Saying what I did about them not actually being bad guys is what sort of made me feel bad for them, they were getting all the usual Home Alone slapstick shtick but they really didnt do anything wrong, they weren't trying to hurt anyone, atleast not on purpose and they did rightfully deserve what they wanted, (although they could have done it in a less illegal way but that wouldn't have made the movie make sense, but I digress) While I did like this film there are some problems. At the start everyone makes a big fuss about the fact that's its a haunted house and continues down this path for a good amount of screen time and then after awhile it's just dropped? What was the point in talking about it if it was never going to be brought up again. Oh well, the film forgets and hopes you do too. The mother of the family was just a little too overboard, she lost it anytime someone wasnt perfect and just raged whenever the opportune rises and she jumps to conclusions way too quickly but she also acts like a real mother sometimes too, shes protective of her family and will do anything for them. At the start while I was thinking I wouldn't like it, I didn't feel like this was a Home Alone film until someone actually said the words 'home alone' while I'm not sure it's a valid point because what's a Home Alone film supposed to feel like? Its still something I can comment on. Give in an enjoy. Its not art but it isn't supposed to be.

Oj H (au) wrote: Much better than Coraline, this film has a lot of punch, and FANTASTIC animation(the best I have ever seen). The direction, camera work, are top notch... and the screenplay works very well. The ending is a bit cliche... but an overall VERY ENJOYABLE movie watch. See it 3-D before it leaves the theatre.

Sophie M (au) wrote: I cried the whole way through this movie. I thought it was very touching. Australian film making at it's best, tackling the very real issue of depression and how it's handled within a family.

Miss M (ca) wrote: Really liked the movie.

Julie V (kr) wrote: John Cusack was excellent. Be prepared. This is a heart wrenching movie.

Lauren G (es) wrote: watched a part of this movie on youtube and it's way too violent and graphic for my cup of tea. not impressed.

Janu P (ca) wrote: not a bad movie at all

Maddie M (nl) wrote: Made especially for the big Beatles fan....

Chosen 7 (ag) wrote: Every once in a while I stumble across a random movie on TV and watch it just because. I was channel-surfing today when I found this one on TMC (The Movie Channel). It's a decent low-budget thriller about an American student studying in Australia who gets seduced by a mysterious mentally unhinged girl while house-sitting for a rich family.Needless to say, the script by John V. Soto [who co-directed this film along with Jeffrey Gerritsen] wasn't very original [check the tagline..."Attraction can be Fatal"]. Some of the main plot points reminded me of "Swimfan" [which was basically an updated teen version of "Fatal Attraction"] and "Swimming Pool"...for different reasons, it's kind of ironic that the names of those two movies are similar. The film as a whole had a very American feel to it except for the ending which was obviously inspired by Japanese/Korean thrillers. I find it kind of odd that two people directed this...two people definitely weren't necessary, perhaps one of them dropped out in the middle of filming...which would explain why the film seemed a bit conflicted.Good cinematography by Richard Malins. Decent score by Jamie Blanks [who directed the horror-flicks "Urban Legend" and "Valentine"]. Good music choices by music supervisor Kim Green ("The Bank Job"), the songs used definitely made this feel like an American film. Great performances by Christopher Egan ("Home and Away", "Eragon", "Letters to Juliet")...he definitely sold me as someone whose life is crashing down around him, Emma Lung ("The Jammed")...she played a good psycho, and Brooke Harman ("Ned Kelly"). Good supporting performances by Christian Clark ("Home and Away"), Kane Manera ("Guiding Light"), Kerry-Ella McAullay, and Jenna Lind...she was the sexiest woman in this movie [it's a shame she didn't have much screen-time]. Overall it was an entertaining and somewhat compelling suspense-flick with a good twist [even though the build-up wasn't as effective as it could have been, in hindsight the twist was foreshadowed quite often], it's nothing special but it's worth a viewing if you're easily frightened.