The Capsule

The Capsule

Seven young women. A mansion perched on a Cycladic rock. A series of lessons on discipline, desire, discovery, and disappearance. A melancholy, inescapable cycle on the brink of womanhood - infinitely.

Seven girls| a mansion perched on a Cycladic rock| a cycle of lessons on discipline| desire and demise-infinitely. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel L (au) wrote: while somewhat predictable, the grand seduction is sweet, funny, and incredibly enjoyable.

Sanel A (de) wrote: KATAFAKINGSTROFA!!!!! NIsam ga uspio pogledati do kraja. DOSADNO!!!

Susan N (us) wrote: I liked this movie. Love all the actresses. Tom Skeritt makes an appearance. A cell phone that caws like a monkey. What's not to love? Oh, and the bonneville. What a car! Sweet, short (90 minutes) movie. I recommend it highly.

Adam L (ag) wrote: Rock out! Fucking Bushies...screwed us!

Russ B (es) wrote: 7/22/2016: A really good movie about a music icon. I'm not a big Foxx fan, but he killed it in this role. It was nice to see an honest biography.

Bruno L (mx) wrote: I thought this documentary to be extremely boring. Most scenes they just show kids talking about all the times they almost got shot. No facts are presented here, just people's emotions. The capture of most scenes were very poor.

Richard L (jp) wrote: The focus is on the human drama, rather than special effects, but the stories are still effective. The movie is not specifically pro- or anti-technology, which is kind of refreshing. My two favorite segments are the one about the mother dealing with the death of her son and the old man trying to decide whether or not to upload.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: awsome female perspective on a guys world

Arianeta L (gb) wrote: 'Iphigenia' is the great achievement of Greek Director Michalis Kakoyannis (who died a few days ago 25-7-11). This wonderful film is masterfully adapted for the screen and brought to life by a wonderful cast. Kakoyannis achieved the impossible. He managed to film a Greek tragedy to screen without losing its effectiveness and importance. A great Greek cast helps him in this. Tatiana Papamoschou (newcomer) is extremely impressive as Iphigenia. Equally impressive is Irene Papas, who even though she sometimes seems over the top, it is very realistic. A wonderful Greek film beautifully adapted and directed by Michael Kakoyannis, with an excellent music score by Mikis Theodorakis which is ideal in every scene.This film and the story it narrates offer considerable insight into the lost world of ancient Greek thought that was the crucible for so much of our modern civilization. It teaches us much about ourselves as individuals and as social and political creatures. Euripides questions the value of war and patriotism when measured against the simple virtues of family and love, and reflects on woman's vulnerable position in a world of manly violence. In his adaptation of Euripides' tragedy, Kakoyannis revisits all of these themes with a modern, clear, and dramatic fashion.And the big question: Is it a sacrifice or a murder, and how can we tell the difference between the two? By focusing on the violent and primitive horror of a human sacrifice--and, worst of all, the sacrifice of one's own child - Euripides/Kakoyannis creates a drama that is at once deeply political and agonizingly personal. It touches on a most complex and delicate ethical problem facing any society: the dire conflict between the needs of the individual versus those of the society. In the case of Iphigenia, however, as in the Biblical tale of Abraham and Isaac, the father is asked to kill his own child, by his own hand. What sort of God would insist on such payment? Can it be just or moral, even if divinely inspired? Finally, does the daughter's sacrificial death differ from the deaths of all the sons and daughters who are being sent to war? These are many deep questions raised by a two-hour film.

Ugi S (au) wrote: "Empire of The Sun" is a Spielberg's first-effort in (serious) War-Drama film, it has deep exploration of young boy's life in wartime. It's not too emotional, but ambitious enough to lift up its chronicles for Spielberg's class. Christian Bale's acting debut is splendid.

Logan M (br) wrote: Plenty of action, but not a lot of narrative depth. Just the way action fans of the 1980s liked it.

Alex W (ca) wrote: I believe i watched this movie because i heard it was the first " family moves into a haunted house starting someone you have heard of" kind of movie that seems to have been coming out once a month for the past 10 years. Not my kind of movie but still good, nothing to remarkable. Is this really the model all those money grab horror movies are starting from? Anyone who likes these movies just get this one and watch it once a month at home so they don't keep making them for theaters.