The Captain's Paradise

The Captain's Paradise

Mediterranean ferryboat captain Henry St James has things well organized - a loving and very English wife Maud in Gibraltar, and the loving if rather more hot-blooded Mistress, Nita in Tangiers. A perfect life. As long as neither woman decides to follow him to the other port.

The bigamist captain of a ferry boat between the restricted British colony in Gibraltar and Spanish Morocco has a woman of differing appeal and temperament in each port. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danilo M (au) wrote: Solid film. Good script and acting. Very mature and realistic it mantains its tone and credibility. Shows the story of this kid and the concecuences of his father leaving him in the search for a different life at the young age of 11.

Niraj V (fr) wrote: Went to watch this one after having heard rave reviews about all aspects of the movie, surprisingly, most of that was true!This is very much like an arthouse movie, but a black comedy thriller.The plotline is quite complex at the start, and you really need to focus on the goings on to understand who belongs where, but as the movie progresses, you're more comfortable with everything.To tell you the story would be taking away the fun from the movie, and will also frazzle my mind, so I won't dwell on that :-)Irfaan Khan excels once again, this man really can do no wrong. His studied casualness works a treat. Chitrangda Sen returns to the big screen after a long gap of 8 years, having last been in Hazaaron Khwaishien......, and is quite good in her portrayal of a woman caught between 2 men.Debutant Arunoday Singh is impressive as is his on screen wife Aditi Rao Hydari (anyone else feel she looks a lot like Nauheed Cyrusi?)The undisputed hero of the movie, however, is Sudhir Mishra, the director and dialogue writer. The script is the king and the screenplay is very well written. The dialogues are crisp, and deserve the A certificate thanks to the liberal sprinkling of profanities, but it doesn't jar like it did in No One Killed Jessica.This movie puts Mishra in the league of the Tarantinos of the world, with a fast paced roller coaster ride which makes you laugh from time to time and you leave afterwards wondering what the hell just happened there!!!Watch it if you're looking for a movie experience that is very different from the run of the mill hindi thrillers. If not, then go see watch Dabanng or Wanted or something else!!!!!!!

BigMoneyBruce (fr) wrote: I do really like Si-Fi movies especially ones about space. But wow this movie was bad on so many levels. My bias is the only reason it even gets half a star. This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen and that's saying a lot. The fight scenes were much worse than fake amateur wresteling. The space animation and special efects look like something an 90's community collage dropout came up with. The acting was spectacularly amaizingly BAD. All of the set designs and props looked like they were built from junkyard and garge sale finds. The story was unoriginal and they clearly stol 99% of their ideas from other shows & movies like Star Trek. Even the writing was cheesy & must have been done by someome with some sort of mental deficancy.

Greg W (gb) wrote: so so martial arts actioner

Justin P (it) wrote: In the end, Layer Cake dissolves to a somewhat generic crime/thriller type of movie that bites of more than it can chew. There's very impressive direction and cinematography that hoist this film to a different type of level though; performances are fine, and the twists work.

Vikram T (de) wrote: i love the this film..ohhh also i have watched this movie many times..cause of the comedy..haha JOJO..lamo

Janice (jp) wrote: So many good childhood memories are tied to this film. Sissi is one of my most prized film characters!

Chris M (de) wrote: The best movie I've seen in a long time

William W (jp) wrote: The other day, my lady Tammy and I watched director Glazer's recent 'Under the Skin' and loved its otherworldly wackiness and ambience, and as I had his first two films on DVD, we decided that at the very least, this first one demanded immediate investigation. I've adored Ray Winstone's work since his early days working in the films of Sir Alan Clarke, and Ben Kingsley's always a treat. Watching the characters brought back such awesome memories of my teenage days, travelling throughout England and continental Europe in December, 1986, as well. We can't wait to hopefully check out 'Birth' later this week...This was definitely one of the best and most original British gangster movies since the likes of 'The Long Good Friday' and 'Mona Lisa' from that era...

Jared B (kr) wrote: My favorite movie ever

Andres G (kr) wrote: Fun and a smart way of taking advantage of 2007's NINJA crisis.The cast is quite good, but not much more to say ...