The Captain's Table

The Captain's Table

A captain is promoted by his company from tramp steamers to their flagship passenger liner. Although he is a thoroughly competent sailor ready to take charge of such a ship, he is less prepared for the social duties his new position involves, not least the way he in which becomes the target for all the unattached women on board.

A ship's captain is promoted by his company from tramp steamers to their flagship passenger liner. Although he is a thoroughly competent sailor ready to take charge of such a ship, he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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matt w (es) wrote: Looks crap, and most likely IS crap.

Ganapathy R (it) wrote: All in all a kamal show would hav been much better if kamal had took up direction too but surely would have been a flop as in case of good movies like anbe sivam etc.

Ben L (us) wrote: Babel is a film that fits what I call the collage genre of film-making because it interlaces a number of different shorter stories into one film and gives some small aspect that ties them all together. In this one it's a cause-and-effect connection that I find more interesting because we get to see how the action a character does in one story impacts the next and so on down the line. The best stories in this film are the Moroccan father with his two sons, and the Mexican housekeeper. Both of those stories have a lot of complex emotional things going on and some tough decisions that the characters have to make. I like the idea of the Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett scenes, but I don't feel any chemistry between the 2 actors. Also their scenes get extremely repetitive, just more and more bickering with their tour group. I keep waiting for something new or more engaging, but I didn't get that until the very end in their story. The strangest addition to the film was the story of the sexually-repressed deaf Japanese girl. The connection to the main story was so tangential and it almost felt like her story was tacked on and given a loose association with the other stories as an excuse to fit it into the same film. There were definitely things to like in Babel, but it had just as much that I didn't like. Obviously, based on the accolades it has received, your mileage may vary.

WS W (fr) wrote: Billy Crudup is an underrated, good actor. Jennifer Connelly is a stylish actress. [Waking The Dead], unfortunately, wasn't an interesting movie to me. Romance wasn't romance, thriller wasn't thriller whilst I particularly dislike the political agenda blended from the beginning till the end.

Sol T (it) wrote: It's intelligent, well-acted and beautifully photographed.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

James H (us) wrote: Fargo is a brilliant black comedy with so many fantastically whimsical characters that I didn't know who to root for. Steve Buscemi knocks all aspects of his performance out of the park, he is menacing and hilarious at the right times and he worked well with Peter Stormare. Frances MacDormand as Margey is so damn kind in this film that you just want to give her a hug. William Macy also does some good work in the scenes that he is in. The cinematography was gorgeous, the score was delightful and there were many rememberable lines in a dynamic script. Pure Coen brothers gold here.

Lee M (fr) wrote: I am not slamming this Roger Avary film for not being a Quentin Tarantino film. I am slamming it for not being a very good film.

Russell H (jp) wrote: gets slightly ridiculous but still pretty cool

Adrian Z (au) wrote: 4 out of 5 - I have been going through a DVD-induced revival of The Cosby Show and loving it. This man is a genius, pulling off high calibre comedy without vulgarity. This stand-up concert film pretty much exposes where the basis for his sitcom came from, as he rants and raves about how difficut it is to raise 5 children for most of the duration of the performance. It's not always what Cosby says that is funny, but how he says it. His timing is impeccable, and his observations astute and easy to connect to. Expect to end up in stitches.The film starts off with thematically unrelated bits on drug and alcohol abuse on weekends (funny drunk walks being worthy of note here) and a visit to the dentist (funny face paralysis speech bit).

Tony D (us) wrote: Since "Scent of a Woman" I have seen this actor develop himself to be one of the best in our era in acting. He did not fit the "accepted" physically attractive or athletic type of many leading men in Hollywood or whatever-wood. This man possessed a natural gift and passion in this field. He transformed himself over a very short time in a very successful artist. At 46 years old Phillip Seymour Hoffman left this place and left a tremendous void for us who have enjoyed his work. Tonight I watched this film alongside another great actor Robert De Niro. I was sincerely impressed how he flows in acting; his personification of this man-woman character who chooses to help the one who is an arrogant fool with a heart (De Niro). The humanity displayed here is profound as no matter what any person think may think we are in society, we can all make mistakes and desire to be loved and love right back, and even feel lonely and helpless. Reaching out for help, as this character did, can enrich not only ones life but others as well. I will miss Phillip because in spite of his alleged flaws, he has also very human, like you and I, and damn gifted in his art. A true genius in my book. See his other great films! Enjoy this guys art! R.I.P Phillip.

Archibald T (jp) wrote: Here's an exploitative goodie. A ripped from the headlines tale of two sisters in Chile who were kept in the woods by their abusive father. In the film, the father is a drug dealer who associates with a kingpin named Costello. The sisters, Ana and Anny, refer to Costello as 'The Boogeyman'. I don't think the Costello element was ever part of the 'true story' this is inspired from. It felt tacted on to further the plot, but worked as an additional exploitative element to the story. Between the years of 1987 to 2010, the two sisters are put through the ringer by their father. When Anny was a little girl, her father raped her and just a few short months later she prematurely gave birth to a deformed son due to inbreding. The two sisters eventually grow up to be very busty girls. It should be duly noted that the director makes this clear in one scene where the girls are picked up by a kind couple and the husband can't stop looking at their massive rack as they lay in the backseat. I wonder how big they'll make the sisters be when the remake comes out. I should note that this film is being remade for the US market since it's been getting a lot of buzz for how sick and twisted it is and will be released sometime in 2014.After getting into some trouble, and killing, two police officers, their father goes apeshit. His connection to the kingpin Costello is also cut when he becomes apprehended. This puts the sisters in survival mode. They, and their "brother", are on the run when Costello seeks them out for the whereabouts of his supply of drugs. He sends his goons to find them, but they have no idea who they'll be messing with.Cannabilism, incest, rape are just a few of the staples you'll find in this nicely toned homage to the exploitative horror from the 70s and 80s. It's not like one of those mock up grindhouse flicks you see nowadays, but really sticks to it's guns with providing a very grosteque series of events. Overall, if 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Last House on the Left' were raped by a Chilean miner after having a few beers (and thought it was his sister), you'd get this film.