The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears Movie

The Care Bears have their work cut out for them, because Nicolas, a lonely magician's assistant, is about to fall under the evil influence of a bad spirit who lives in an ancient magic book -- it seems Nicolas will do just about anything for friends. Aside from Nicolas, Kim and Jason are in trouble because they are starting not to trust people after suffering many disappointments.

The Care Bears watch over a young brother and sister who have lost their trust in humanity. Meanwhile an evil wizard wishes to cover the Earth in concrete. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shelley H (fr) wrote: Kids love this movie

Jeff D (us) wrote: Perhaps Pixar's finest short to date.

Blake J (us) wrote: This movie could be classified as a comedy with the bad acting.

Stephen C (ca) wrote: This movie's quirky main character drove a story that was very memorable. We enjoyed the potential realism concept.

Collin P (ca) wrote: An average comic book movie with an over the top ending. However it does have its moments, especially with humor.

Ale L (nl) wrote: This is probably the most obnoxious, lame, boring, confusing, awkward, unfunny, weird, and annoying butt-crap Hollywood can muster up in their lair. And... HOW DID THIS DO WELL???????????????????????????

Ryan M (us) wrote: Perfect movie. It could have gone on for 6 hours.

Ben L (au) wrote: Working Girl is a movie that tells the same old story all over again. I'm sorry to be that blunt up front, but I was shocked this movie was so familiar and derivative, especially since it was nominated for Best Picture by the Academy. It's the classic tale of a lower-class girl who seizes the opportunity to pretend to be a high-class girl in order to prove herself, and in the process woo a man. Naturally things fall apart and she is forced to come clean even though admitting the lies will result in her losing everything she worked towards. I wanted so much more from this movie, but it didn't deliver anything beyond expectations. I even thought I might see a strong woman-power message but the women in power positions are shown to be evil. Also basically every woman in the film, including our heroine, is turned into a sex object with lots of scenes for the viewers of women in their lingerie or less. One positive I can say is that I liked Harrison Ford's performance, and felt like he was in a much better and classier film. The movie instantly feels extremely dated from the first frame, not always a negative thing, but I was surprised how Joan Cusack and Melanie Griffith basically looked like caricatures of an 80s woman. The cherry on top of the disappointment sundae was Melanie Griffith in the lead role. She plays Tess in such a meek and mild way that I literally could not buy any of these bold moves she makes in the film. I wouldn't say Working Girl is a bad movie, or that it's one people should avoid, but it doesn't do anything special or interesting which might be even worse.

Jason R (us) wrote: incoherant as hell plot jumps way too much, bad movie, with alright gore

Christopher H (br) wrote: A great way to celebrate the franchise in such a fun, polished way, while showing those who have yet to experience Monty Python first hand the troop at it's best.

Kevin J (es) wrote: Battleship Potemkin may honestly be the best film ever made. The problem many encounter with older films is that they are boring. This is never the case with Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece and not just because it is pretty short. Instead, he manages to keep both the tension and emotional tension up the entire time and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch the events unfold. While undeniably communist propaganda, Battleship Potemkin is still a brilliant and highly influential film that will hopefully live on forever.

Charles P (br) wrote: Role Models' funny streak is uneven to say the least, but with the help of some crude hits and a solid cast, it manages to pull itself together by the end.

Tarn P (kr) wrote: The ultimate way to watch this movie!!

Andrew K (jp) wrote: This is a great film - there is little verbal explanation of the background and motivations but everything comes to life through superb acting and filming.